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Course Listings - Spring 2004

Course Descriptions
Theatre and Dance Department
Spring 2004

THDN 112A - Dance in Popular Culture
(4 semester hrs.)
L. Pinheiro

What do A Chorus Line, Fred Astaire, a Madonna video, and many television commercials have in common? All of them make use of American show dance. This class attempts to sharpen your interpretive, descriptive, and evaluative skills as you watch tap, jazz, ballroom, MTV, and musical-theatre dance. Assessment is based on class assignments and class participation.
Fulfills General Education Goal: Fine, Performing and Literary Art
Prerequisite: None

THDN 210C - Dance Ethnology
(4 semester hrs.)
S. Chang

The purpose of this course is to provide knowledge and understanding of the different cultures around the world by comparing and analyzing the differences of their folk dances. Through the understanding of the basic dance elements of time, space and movement quality, the course will help students to develop the ability to analyze the different styles, forms and functions of the dances of different countries and cultures. The course format includes video viewing, lecture/discussion, research, and learning some folk dances. Grading is based upon participation, assignments, a mid-term exam, and a final presentation. Through this course the students are expected to develop and improve their ability to accept and appreciate different cultures other than their own.
Fulfills Non-Western Cultures Learning Goals
Prerequisite: None

THDN 230A-Stagecraft
(4 semester hrs.)
J. Humphries

This course is an introduction to the basic elements of theatre production. Primarily a laboratory experience, students will also examine the historical development of technical conventions for the stage through lectures. The class will focus on the safe application of modern stage technology through hands-on participation. Two projects, a mid-term test, and a final comprehensive exam are required.
Prerequisite: None
Fulfills Goal R-10: Fine, Performing and Literary Arts

THDN 260H-History of European Theatre
(4 semester hrs.)
X. Batchelder

Beginning with the Greeks, this course will provide an overview of the history of European Theatre. It will consider the dramatic literature, theories and practices of Theatre during the great ages of western theatre tradition. During the semester we will look at the evolution of acting, directing, playwriting, theatre design, and theatre architecture. Throughout the course we will study the relationship between theatre and society. Course requirements include exams and a research project.
Prerequisite: None
Fulfills Goal (H-courses): Western Historical Respective

THDN 240A-Playwriting
(4 semester hrs.)
S. Reynolds

This course will be conducted in workshop fashion. The goal is for each student to write a one-act play and then rewrite it two or three times after having it read and critiqued in class. Playwrights will not be asked to act in their own plays. Other students will act, allowing playwrights the opportunity to concentrate on learning the craft of writing and the craft of working with actors. In addition, outside reading of plays, in class writing assignments, lectures on dramatic action, and conferences with the instructor and fellow playwrights will be a part of the course.
Writing Intensive
Fulfills Fine, Performing and Literary Arts Learning Goal
Prerequisite: None

THDN 400 Topics: Senior Seminar
(2 semester hrs.)
S. Reynolds

This course is for senior Theatre majors only. We will look at major plays and playwrights and prepare for Senior Swan Song.

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