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I. Course Objectives:

  1. To assist the student in the acquisition of knowledge and understanding related to sailing.
  2. To assist the student with the acquisition and development of sailing skills.
  3. To develop an appreciation for and compliance with boating safety rules.
  4. To assist in the develpment of a lifelong leisure activity that will provide mental, physical, and social benefits.

II. Required Reading:

Martin, Thomas P.  Sailing is a Breeze: Learning to Sail a Laser, Sunfish, or Other Small Boat.  Boston: American Press, 2006.
Purchase this book from the bookstore or directly from the publisher at

"Start Sailing Right" instructional videos may be viewed in the library. The US Sailing web site at - Getting Started - Online Education - Small Boat Course - has helpful information and videos on learning to sail. Also, your instructor has DVDs specific to Laser sailing that you may borrow.

III. Evaluation:

  • The student must fulfill the following requirements to pass the course:
    1. Exercises and review questions (homework) - must be completed and turned in on specified days - if homework is not submitted, student will not be able to participate that day and will receive a class absence.
    2. Comprehensive final examination on safety rules, sailing terminology, and technique - must be passed at the 80th percentile level or higher to pass the course.
    3. Completely and correctly rig a sailboat using proper knots
    4. Successfully launch, sail a designated triangular course, and land a sailboat within a time limit based on size of the trianglular course and wind conditions

    IV. Absences:

    By HFS Department Policy, more than three (3) hours of absence in an activity course will result in an NC grade for the course or W when dropped by the university designated deadline. Each sailing class meets for more than 3 hours, therefore, missing more than one class will result in a failure of this course. Any absence related to illness, death, interview, field trip, etc. should be cleared with the instructor and WILL BE counted as your maximum of one absence for the course.

    V. Honor Statement:

    "I affirm that my behavior during the final examination for this course will uphold the highest standards of honesty and academic integrity at Wittenberg, and that I will neither give nor receive any unauthorized assistance."

    VI. Instructor:

    Thomas P. Martin, Ph.D., FACSM                    Office Hours:  By Appointment
    306 HPERC                                                      e-mail:
    Office Phone:  327-6470                                   Web Page:

    VII. Miscellaneous

    VIII. Resources and References (including internet links)

    Boating Organizations:

    Boat Owner’s Association of the United States (BoatU.S.)  880 S. Pickett St., Alexandria, VA  22304,  703-823-9550  Courseline: 1-800-336-2628.

    National Safe Boating Council, Inc.  P.O.Box 1058, Delaware, OH  43015,  740-666-3009.

    U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters Boating Safety  2100 Second St. S.W., Washington DC  20593,  202-267-1077.  Infoline: 1-800-368-5647.
    Boating links:

    Sailing Organizations:

    American Sail Training Association  P.O. Box 1459, Newport, RI  22042, 703-206-7180.

    American Sailing Association  13922 Marquesas Way, Marina del Rey, CA  90292,  310-822-7171.

    International Sailing Federation  Ariadne House, Town Quay, Southampton, Hampshire  SO14 2AQ, United Kingdom,  +44 1703 635111.

    National Sailing Industry Association  200 E. Randolph Dr. Suite 5100, Chicago, IL  60601-6528,  312-946-6200.  Sailing Hotline – 1-800-535-7245.

    United States Sailing Association  P.O. Box 1260, 15 Maritime Dr., Portsmouth, RI  02871,  401-683-0800.   1-800-877-2451.

    Sailing Videos:

    “At One with the Wind,” executive producer, David Hill; director, Phil Hewitt; Richmond Hill, Ont.; a production of Sepia Arts; licensed and distributed by BFS Video, 1987.  The Royal Yachting Association (Great Britain) beginner’s sailboat training video.

    “Learn to Sail,” Bennett Marine Video, Selluloid Video presents a Sailing production in association with Offshore Sailing School Ltd.; Marine del Rey, CA, 1983.  A comprehensive, easy to follow sailing course for beginning and intermediate students, taught by Steve Colgate.

    “Michelob Sailing,” a complete introduction to sailing with Gary Jobson, St.Louis, MO, Busch Creative Services Corporation, 1986.

    “Sailing Fundamentals: The Official Learning to Sail Video of the American Sailing Association with Peter Isler,”  One hour video in four parts to compliment the text Sailing Fundamentals by Gary Jobson, 1985; American Sailing Association, 13922 Marquesas Way, Marina del Rey, CA  90292.

    “Start Sailing Right Videos,” 3 videos to accompany the book Start Sailing Right by U.S. Sailing & the American Red Cross; copyright Emmett McNamara, 1991; United States Sailing Association  P.O. Box 1260, 15 Maritime Dr., Portsmouth, RI  02871.