Summer Program in Paris

Wittenberg in Paris

 May 20 - June 15, 2012


Come and explore Paris while learning about the history and literature of times gone by!

Wittenberg University is offering a Summer Program in Paris led Wittenberg faculty. Two courses, which fulfill Wittenberg General Education requirements, will be offered.

Don't speak French? No problem. Course instruction is entirely in English.


Want to learn more? Come to an  information meeting:

Wednesday, January 25 at 8:00 p.m. in 217 Hollenbeck Hall

The Courses:

French 140 A: French Fairy Tales taught by Dr. Leanne Wierenga:

Read French fairy tales from the 12th century in the appropriate context: Paris! Learn about some interesting approaches to interpreting these tales by studying their cultural contexts.

History 201 H: Cathedrals and Castles taught by Dr. Amy Livingstone

Uncover the history of the middle ages by examining the physical remains of castles and cathedrals.
What do such monuments tell us about the social, economic, cultural and political developments of medieval Europe?

Previous Syllabus for History 201H: Cathedrals and Castles, Summer 2008

Schedule of Classes and Excursions from 2008 trip (to give you an idea of the program):

Time in the class room will be supplemented with trips to museums and  historical sites both in and outside of Paris.  Paris and its rich cultural heritage will be your classroom!

Practical Matters:

Classes will be held at the IES center in Paris, located in the lovely Montparnasse district. Students will stay in an international hostel near the the center. Two meals a day will be provided for in the program costs.  There will be a short orientation program upon our arrival in Paris, along with a welcome reception. Visits to museums and sites around Paris will supplement classroom instruction. Instruction in French culture and Survival French will also be provided.

Excursions in Paris include: Notre Dame, The Louvre, Musée Cluny, the abbey churches of St. Denis and St. Germain-des-Pres, Musée d'Orsay, Chateau de Vincennes and a day trip to the cathedral town of Chartres.


Transportation to and from Charles De Gaulle airport is also provided in the program cost, as well as transportation around Paris. Entry fees to museums and sites are also included. While airfare is not included in the program cost, we are trying to arrange group travel at a reduced rate.



Don't speak French? No problem. Course instruction is entirely in English.  The Instructors and IES staff will also be glad to provide any assistance with the French that you might require. A member of the IES staff will be assigned to the group to help with assimilation to French culture. Moreover, all IES program staff are bilingual.

The Cost:   we are still negotiating with IES in Paris, we hope it will be no more than $5300, but this will depend on the number students in the group

What's included: Tuition for six semester hours
                          Lodging in Paris
                          Most Meals ( 2 meals a day)
                          Metro Pass so you can get around Paris
                          Transportation to and from the Airport (if you travel with the group)
                          Entrance fees to Museums and Sites
                          Instruction in Survivor French and French Culture
                          Health Insurance while in France

What's not included: Airfare (but we will arrange a reduced student group rate)
                               Required Course Materials
                               Weekend Trips
                               Passport or Visa Costs

Application and Fees:

If you are interested in going with us, please pick up an application packet at the International Education office in
126 Hollenbeck Hall.  The deadline for the program is February 3, 2012. The following needs to be submitted as part of
the application process:
                                        Summer Abroad Admission Form
                                        Two letters of Recommendation: One Academic (one of your profs)
                                                                                                  The other non-Academic (An RA, supervisor, pastor, or coach)
                                        Travel Arrangement Form
                                        A deposit of $500 (The deposit is refundable if the student is not accepted into the program or if the 
                                                                         program is cancelled. However, if the student withdraws from program after
                                                                         February 15, 2012, the deposit is not refundable).

Please turn in the application packet to the International Education Office.

Also if you don't have a current passport, we'd recommend you start applying for one now.

Payment in full for the program and airfare (if required) will be due during spring semester.

For more information, contact

Dr. Amy Livingstone, Department of History, Wittenberg University
937.327.7842 or

Dr. Leanne Wierenga, Department of French, Wittenberg University