Comp 275
Sorting Presentations
Assigned: August 22, 2010.
Due: Varies
Team Size: 2
Language: English

In this class, students will be responsible for presenting the sorting algorithms covered in class. It is expected that the presentation will last about half of the class. Students are not expected to use computers for their presentation (though they are allowed to!). Instead, you could use the board or an overhead projector. Whatever works best for your team!

Each algorithm will be covered as it appears in the class, and thus groups should be prepared to present ahead of time. The class schedule will approximate when each presentation will be made. Please be prepared within a day of each side of that.

Your presentation should cover the following:

I will use this sheet to grade your presentations.

The following are the presentation assignments, which will occur in this order.

BubbleSortWill, Patrick
SelectionSortNate, Andre
MergeSortPatrick, Colin
QuickSortWill, Andre
InsertionSortNate, Colin
HeapSortPatrick, Andre
RadixSortWill, Nate, Colin