Introduction to
Combinatorial Games

Math-Comp 280 meets:
TTh 9:40 - 11:10 am in SCI 141.

Instructor: Kyle Burke
Location: BDK 329R
Phone: x7861
Office Hours: see my schedule or by appointment (email me and we can set something up).

Text: Lessons in Play by Albert, Nowakowski and Wolfe. (Required)

Online Aid: The course website is at
Kyle recommends using Wikipedia to find extra information about class topics. However, Kyle is not responsible for the correctness of Wikipedia's content; it might be incorrect!

Grading: Grades will be determined based on the following rubrik:
Projects: 30%
Homework: 30%
Final Project: 30%
Best-Of-Above: 10%

Projects: Programming Projects will be completed in Python.

Homeworks: Homework will be assigned in class, and is due the Thursday of the following week.

Final Project: Each student will research a combinatorial game not covered in class and present the game to the class. Learn more about this project here.

Class Policies:

Many of the policies for class can be found on the policies section of my general teaching page.

Board Game Night: The Wittenberg Role-Playing Guild hosts a board game night every weekend! Here are the details.

Wittenberg Math-Comp 280 - Fall 2010: Introduction to Combinatorial Games