LINKS  FOR  MATH  360  -  LINEAR ALGEBRA    (Fall, 2012)


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A list of the definitions you should know is here.      (11-30-12)



A list of some other things you should know is here.      (11-30-12)



Some specific kinds of computations you should be able to do are here.      (11-30-12)



Some kinds of proofs you should be able to write are listed here.      (11-19-12)





The problem assignments are listed here.


The syllabus is here.


How the Wittenberg Honor Code applies to this course is here.





The “Calculus on the Web” website has a section on Linear Algebra.

You can access the “Calculus on the Web” website here.




Students with Disabilities:


I am happy to make appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Contact Van Rutherford, Assistant Provost for Academic Services, (206 Recitation Hall, 327-7891) to obtain a letter documenting your disability. Bring this letter to my office hours sometime during the first week of class, so that we can make plans for your situation.