Nietzsche at Happy Hour
Founders on Fridays at Five

Translations by Walter Kaufmann are available in inexpensive paperback editions.

Participants may use the editions they prefer. Some are available online.

Updated  Apr. 4

Twilight of the Idols
1 F 11 Jan Preface; Maxims and Arrows; The Problem of Socrates; Reason in Philosophy
2 F 18 Jan How the "True World" Finally Became a Fable; Morality as Anti-Nature; The Four Great Errors
3 F 25 Jan The "Improvers" of Mankind; What We Germans Lack
4 F 1 Feb Skirmishes of an Untimely Man
5 F 8 Feb What I Owe to the Ancients; The Hammer Speaks
    Beyond Good and Evil
6 F 15 Feb Preface; On the Prejudices of Philosophers
7 F 22 Feb The Free Spirit
8 F 1 Mar Spring Break -- NO MTG  
  F 8 Mar Spring Break -- NO MTG  
9 F 15 Mar What is Religious;
Epigrams and Interludes
10 F 22 Mar Natural History of Morals;
We Scholars
  F 29 Mar "Good Friday" -- NO MTG
11 F 5 Apr Our Virtues  
12 F 12 Apr "Liberal Arts in Action" & Honors Convocation -- NO MTG
13 F 19 Apr Peoples and Fatherlands
F 26 Apr What is Noble

From the Highlands: Aftersong