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A Rewarding Journey
Vice President Reflects on His Years of Service

Charles Dominick will retire at the end of the year followin 31 years of service

As I drove onto campus for the first time in the spring of 1972 to begin as an assistant dean of admission, I was struck as are most visitors by the sheer beauty of the place – the classic buildings, the ancient trees, the expansive hollows and green space.

I already knew that Wittenberg was one of Ohio’s top liberal arts colleges with a solid and respected academic reputation and a legendary athletic tradition, but what I soon learned and what I became part of was far richer and far more satisfying than I could have ever anticipated.

It has indeed been a privilege to spend 31 years of my 33–year career in such a special place, first with admission, followed by service as director of the Commission on Mission and Priorities, associate director of advancement, assistant to the president, vice president for institutional relations, and finally, for the last 13 years as vice president for university advancement.

With every year, I discovered a student-focused, caring faculty that is extraordinary in so many ways. They place their highest priority on teaching but still find the time to be productive scholars and to keep intellectually alive. I found the students to be bright and engaging achievers in the classroom and on the playing fields. I learned that Wittenberg students both work hard and play hard, but the best and the brightest seem to maintain a successful balance between academics, extracurricular activities, community service and a robust social life.

I later learned that Wittenberg graduates are indeed the kinds of productive, contributing, successful men and women that the admission office has always claimed we produce.

I have also found a level of personal commitment from employees that at times defies logic. Wittenberg is blessed with people who truly care. From craftsmen and maintenance crews to the administrators and support staff, all have tremendous pride in this place and all are willing to go far beyond the requirements of their jobs to help keep Wittenberg moving forward.

Now, as I look ahead to retirement this December, I am pleased that the university is again poised for the excitement and energizing activity that accompanies new leadership and fresh perspectives. I had the good fortune to play an active role in the beginnings of both the Kinnison and Tipson administrations. Both introduced exciting shifts in direction, priorities and focus that have left positive marks on this 160-year-old institution, and it was personally challenging, exciting and rewarding to be involved. I am convinced that Mark Erickson and his team will be good stewards of Wittenberg’s best traditions while building an even stronger Wittenberg for the decades ahead.

Finally, I want to say thank you to the thousands of alumni and friends who support this university with their time, talent and treasure. It has been an honor to work with all of you at a place so worthy of the best that we have to offer.

–Charles Dominick


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