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Jake Kallgren ’06, Angela Trego ’04, Kevin Rose ’03 And Charlie McFarland ’92
Look To Revitalize University’s Hometown

Jake Kallgren, Angela Trego, Kevin Rose and Charlie McFarland have more than just a degree from Wittenberg in common. The four service-oriented alumni share a commitment to revitalizing the Springfield community, and they are putting their ideals into action through their work at the Turner Foundation, which is dedicated to improving life in Springfield and Clark County.

McFarland and Trego have a particularly keen interest in the rejuvenation of Springfield – this is their hometown. McFarland, controller of the foundation, knew he wanted to raise his family here and do his part to enhance the community. “The work that we do changes lives, and in a community of our size, you can see that on a daily basis,” he said. “That makes every day rewarding.”

Trego, who is involved with the Turner Foundation’s economic development initiatives, says that what she has learned about Springfield since working at the foundation has given her an increased sense of pride about the place she grew up. “Springfield has a lot in store for its future and that is very exciting,” she said.

For Rose and Kallgren, building the future of Springfield means putting their history degrees to work. Knowing local history, Kallgren noted, inspires community pride and helps people envision the future. Rose said he especially enjoys challenging people’s perception of history and preservation, and helping them discover Springfield’s fascinating history and architecture, which he calls some of the country’s best. He credits his Wittenberg professors with helping him see history “as a way to better understand ourselves and make informed decisions in the future.”

This acknowledgment of Wittenberg’s influence is echoed by the others as well. They say the community service program instilled in them the desire to give back and helped them understand how to approach societal problems proactively. Trego sums it up in a uniquely Wittenberg way: “We are exercising our light and passing it on to the community.”

—Gabrielle Antoniadis


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