The Frightful Forest


A quick note about these notes. These are just notes and have not been spruced up in anyway into a coherent telling.

Daimonion gets the name of the slender lady, which happens to be Sik. Rimo diplomatically tries and chat up Sik, but doesn't get very far.

We all leave the Town Hall and it is nice out and birds are chirping. The odd thing is the body of the blacksmith is missing from the front of the forge. As we discuss the missing body, Dera opens the door of the other house, and we all tag along to find nothing.

So we all head out of town the opposite way we came into to avoid the forest.

After a while Rimo finds an old deer path, which we follow for, a bit. Rimo suddenly shouts out "Where are you," in an attempt to locate Sik. This causes Sik to walk into a tree. As the thud quiets down in its place comes a low buzzing sound from our left. Rimo thinks its some kind of insect, and not wanting anymore troubles, we try to pick up the pace. But it's not fast enough as out of the forest comes flying seven ugly bat- mosquito creatures.

Dario suddenly freaks out and runs screaming into the woods. One of the bat- mosquito creatures takes off after him. It's able to catch up to him and lands on his back and sticks him with its proboscis.

Another of the bat-mosquito flies around the woods a bit, while a third tries to land upon Dario but Dario is able to dodge out of the way in time, causing it to land on the ground instead. The fourth manages to find Sik who was trying to hide in the woods, and lands on her, but isn't able to get its proboscis into her.

One of the bat-mosquitoes lands upon Rimo, but isn't able to stick him with its proboscis. Instead Rimo grabs the bat-mosquito and throws him off. Tallorn makes an attempt to hit the tossed bat-mosquito, but misses with both swords, and actually drops his short sword.

Dera tries to help the fleeing Dario, by casting a frost ray at the attached bat- mosquito. The aim is a bit off, and instead gives Dario a cold chill up his backside instead. The botched shot could be blamed on the fact that Dera was set upon by one of the bat-mosquitoes. Fortunately she is able to shrug the creature off before it can stick her. Daimonion swings with his rapier at the bat-mosquito but misses. The last bat- mosquito though, does manage to land upon Dera, and this one can't be shaken off. Not even with Sik's help in trying to beat it off.

Dario continues to run around in the woods screaming. The bat-mosquito though isn't screaming because its too busy sucking out some of Dario's blood.

Sik gets some blood drawn from her by the bat-mosquito stuck on her, while another tries to set upon her, and fails to do so. Rimo has the one he just tossed off, land back on him, but he is able to push it off on to the ground, where he smashes it with the hammer. Tallorn on the other hand drops the long sword out of his hand while trying to pick up his short sword with his other hand.

Dera meanwhile tries to figure out a spell but doesn't get it off, looking confused as to why. The wounded bat-mosquito attacks Tallorn but misses and lands on the ground instead. Daimonion tries to strike with his rapier again, but misses instead. Meanwhile the last bat-mosquito manages to land upon Dera and starts sucking some of her blood.

Sik fails to hit the bat-mosquito on her, while the screams of Dario start to fade in the distance. One of the bat-mosquito manages to get a hold of Rimo, but isn't able to stick him. Rimo tries to fire a crossbow bolt at the only bat-mosquito still flying in the air, but because of the bat-mosquito stuck on him, misses it. Instead he grabs the bat- mosquito that is stuck on him and slams it into a near by tree, splattering it.

Tallorn swings with his short sword, and manages to keep his sword, but he was too busy concentrating on keeping his sword in his hand, he misses the bat-mosquito. Dera stabs the bat-mosquito on her, and injuries it enough to cause it to fall to the ground. Daimonion once again is unable to strike a bat-mosquito with his rapier. While another bat-mosquito manages to land on Dera and suck some more blood.

Sik is able to land a punch on the bat-mosquito lying on the ground, causing it some injuries. Dario's screams seem to stop fading into the distance, and appear to be getting a little louder. Rimo manages to bring his hammer down upon the bat-mosquito lying on the ground, causing it to splatter. Tallorn forsakes his swords and grabs the bat- mosquito off Sik's back, and tries to squish it in his hands, but its struggles prevent him from getting a good grip.

Dera stabs at the bat-mosquito stuck on her, killing it. Daimonion still isn't able to connect his rapier with any of the bat-mosquitoes.

Sik punches one of the bat-mosquitoes. Dario's screams sound as though they are getting a bit closer. The bat-mosquito in Tallorn's hand manages to squirm around and plant its proboscis into him and starts sucking some blood. Rimo fires his long bow at the bat-mosquito flying around Daimonion and hits it square on, killing it. Tallorn still isn't able to get a good enough grip on the bat-mosquito to squish it. Daimonion manages to get his rapier to slice through one of the bat-mosquitoes.

Sik suddenly flees into the woods, to join Dario who is still lost in the woods. The bat-mosquito in Tallorn's hands manages to get a better angle with its proboscis and draw more blood from him. Rimo tries to hit it with a longbow shot, but doesn't hit, which leaves Daimonion to step in a slice it in two with his rapier.

Sik manages to catch up to Dario, as he has happened to run almost in a circle around the party, and gets a punch on the bat-mosquito. Rimo spots Dario and fires an arrow at the bat-mosquito on Dario's back, killing it.

After the battle, we try to find the deer trail again, to follow it through the forest. Failing to find the deer trail again, we decide to follow the setting sun and head west for a while. Not finding a way out of the forest as nightfalls we all stop and make camp where we are. This is more important since Dera, Dario, Sik and Tallorn are severely distressed from the hike and massive blood loss from the battle. Rimo gathers some herbs and other small shrubberies to make a meal over the fire that Dario starts up. Tallorn falls fast asleep while Rimo and Daimonion setup watches.

On Daimonion's watch he hears something in the brush and rustles Rimo awake to get ready for anything that might be coming. But in the commotion of waking Rimo up, the sound disappears. Believing that what ever it was was scared away by Rimo waking up. Daimonion and Rimo finish the shift watching for whatever it was, but since nothing happens they fall asleep letting Dera wake up to take her watch.

Dera's watch isn't as quiet. In the woods Dera spots some humanoid figures moving about in the forest. With her eyes to busy watching the figures in the woods, she steps on a twig causing a loud snap to echo in the woods, as she tries to wake up Rimo. The sound of the snap wakes everyone up, except Tallorn, whom Rimo wakes up. The sound of the everyone rousing out of slumber quiets down to let the sound of shuffling figures, come in from the forest.

Rimo takes a quick count and tallies up about 20 of the humanoids shuffling towards the group. Sik and Dario suddenly start to flee into the woods, while Dera suddenly summons a horse. Tallorn with some help manages to get up the horse, but as Dera tries to mount the horse she falls backwards, and bumps her head, losing concentration on the spell. The horse suddenly disappears, causing Tallorn to fall to the ground. Suddenly Sik and Dario come running back into the camp, yelling that the creatures have surrounded the group, and try unsuccessfully to climb up a tree.

Having failed with the horse, Dera casts mystic armor on herself preparing for battle to start. As the group huddles all around a tree, Rimo suddenly tells the group not attack, and not to provoke them. He doesn't get a chance to explain why because he is startled when he notices that the humanoids are stitched together.

The humanoids close in on the group, and then start to push the group away from the tree and into the woods. As the group is being pushed along, they notice that the mouths of the creatures are stapled shut with big iron staples. The group is lead through the forest for a while, until they come across a clearing with a log cabin in the middle. The humanoids part their ranks enough to let the group walk through them to the front door of the log cabin.

With the humanoids pointing at the log cabin, they party begins to go up to the log cabin's door. Seeing that Tallorn is very weak, Rimo helps Tallorn to the door, where he knocks on the door. The door opens and tall gaunt, but definitely alive, man steps in to the open doorway.

The guy invites us in and once the party is inside, he locks the door behind him. Once inside Rimo sets Tallorn down on a couch by the fireplace, at which point Tallorn passes out unconscious.

The rest of the part then sits down at a long banquet table, and after a little bout of musical chairs they all decide upon a place to sit, except for Dera who chooses to stand instead. The guy wasn't very pleased with the musical chairs, and didn't seem to take to kindly to Dera standing, so he orders her to sit down.

With the party sitting at the table, except Tallorn sleeping on the couch, he tells the party that they are in Verbrek, and he is interested in why the part is wandering about in the woods as they are. For some reason his talking spooks Sik, and Daimonion calms her down a bit.

Rimo explains that they group was brought together and to these woods by the mists, which Daimonion collaborates. The two explain how they were originally trying to get to Port-a-Lucine.

Dario then asks if the man knows anything about Van Ricthen to which the guy mentions that he had studied with him. Sik not knowing what is going on suddenly asks "who is van Richtenand what is the Core that you are all talking about?" The guy takes notice of this and mentions that Sik isn't from the area, and asks her where she is from, Sik replies that she is from Faerun. The guy then nods knowingly and proceeds to explain to Sik what the Core is, and who Van Ricthen is.

After the explanation the guy stands up and walks into a room, and quickly returns with a tall metal humanoid carrying a large platter. The tall metal humanoid is followed by two smaller clockwork ones, carrying smaller platters. The three of the metal figures proceed to set the platters on the table, with the noticeable sound of grinding gears. The meal that they are serving strikes Daimonion as a typical Lamordiandish.

Rimo wakes Tallorn so he can join in the dinner, which the two heartily dig in. Some of the others are a bit more cautious, while Daimonion is not so much as cautious about eating as good mannered in how he eats. As they are eating the guy mentions that alchemy in the kitchen is a good thing. This only causes a few eyebrows to rise, but doesn't hamper the eating for more than a second or two.

As the food is eaten Rimo hands the guy a nice dagger, asking if he knows anything about the dagger. The guy plays with it a bit in his hand, and mentions that he can't say much about the dagger except that it is un-naturally balanced. Instead of handing it back to Rimo he tosses it back to Rimo, who manages to catch it easily.

Dario tells the guy about his desire to kill someone, to which the guy replies that Dario's target is only a wives tale.

Dera babbles to the guy about some stuff, and hands him the letter found at the town hall earlier. The guy only scoffs about and rolls his eyes, and hands back the letter without any more word about it.

Daimonion finally asks the guy his name, which is Dr. Gregorian DelShonar.

Dr. DelShonar then asks our what our plans are. We mention that we would like to get out of the forest and continue to make our way to Port-a-Lucine. With that he produces a map and gives it to us to look over. He recommends that we head north to Port-a-Museauin Richemulot then on to Port-a-Lucine. As we look over the map we decide to head east to the river there and take the river north where it flows past Porta- Museau. At this point Dr. DelShonar pipes in and mentions that he knows of a riverboat captain that might be helpful, who goes by the name of Nathan Timmy.

Once we have decided on our course for traveling, and as we hand the map back to him thanking him for his hospitality, he asks us what is our motivation. As we try to explain what our motivation is, Dario notices him looking at a picture of a lady hanging on the wall. Dario, asks Dr. DelShonar about the painting, and is told that it is of a girl who died a while ago. Dera also notices, Dr. DelShonar looking at the painting and asks what is his reason for staying alone. The Dr. gets up from the table and wanders over the fireplace, and mentions that its to do things in order to determine if what one is doing is right. With that he picks up a book from the mantel of the fireplace and hands it to Dario.

Dario looks the book over and leans over to Daimonion to discuss the book. But before Dario can discuss the book with anyone else, Dr. DelShonar makes an announcement. He tells us that we all must leave if we do not have anything further to discuss. Rimo pipes up asking if Dr. DelShonar would like to mention anything of his past, but Dr. DelShonar only replies that it was interesting. He then proceeds to motion us to the door. Rimo and Tallorn thank him for his hospitality again, and step out the door. Sik pulls out her crossbow and aims it at Dr. DelShonar, but the air around Dr. DelShonar suddenly ripples with magic, and Sik withdraws out the door. The rest of the group is herded out the door, and before Dr. DelShonar closes the door behind us he smiles and tells us with all have 5 minutes to run.

With that the party begins to run as fast as possible through the forest. After a short bit, Dera decides to slow down and find a place to defend from, as opposed to continue to run. This quickly leaves her behind the rest of the party. Rimo quickly notices that Dera is no longer with the party and turns back and shouts for her.

Before Rimo can finish shouting back the sound of crashing branches is heard and a skeleton drops from the trees and lands hard on Rimo injuring him. Daimonion quickly turns around and tries to slice it with his rapier but misses. Before Tallorn can attack the help Rimo a skeleton falls from the trees in front of him. Sik quickly steps up and lands a punch on it breaking one of its ribs. Rimo rounds on the Skeleton that landed on him and smacks it hard smashing it into splitters with his hammer. Another that leaps down in front of Dario quickly replaces the fallen skeleton. Tallorn tries to kick the skeleton that fell in front of him, but misses, while Dario misses the one in front of him.

A fourth skeleton then leaps out of the trees and lands in front of Sik. Daimonion manages to get his rapier to connect with a skeleton, but only enough to cause his rapier to skip along the skeleton's rib cage. The skeleton in front of Tallorn punches him really hard causing him to fall to the ground unconscious. Sik retaliates by punching the skeleton breaking a few of its ribs. Rimo smashes the skeleton in front of Daimonion with his hammer, shattering that one as well. Dera at this point finally catches up to the group and tries to grab a skeleton. Dario tries to, but fails, to kick the skeleton in front of him.

Resorting to punching, Daimonion punches a skeleton causing a few of its ribs to break. Sik breaks a few more ribs in the one she was attacking, with a few more punches. Rimo runs over the skeleton that is standing over Tallorn's body, but in the hustle loses his grip on his hammer dropping it. The skeleton standing over Tallorn turns and hits Dario, but not enough to cause serious bleeding. Dera dodges past the skeleton and grabs a hold of Tallorn, causing Tallorn to jolt back into consciousness. Dario retaliates for the skeleton's attack, and manages to kick the skeleton in the head crushing its skull. Daimonion swings his rapier and misses at the remaining skeleton, which turns on Dera and strikes and hits her square in the back knocking her out. Rimo manages to get his hammer back and uses it to crush the skeleton.

Tallorn grabs a hold of Dera and helps her to her feet as she comes back around. Dera then returns the favor by healing him a bit more.

The group spends a minute gathering themselves, before they decide it maybe best to continue to run towards the river and get out of the forest. After a short run they come across a raging river rushing through a gorge. Dario notices a rope bridge downstream, and points it out to the rest. Rimo mentions that the river is too dangerous to cross so we should all head to Dario's bridge. Without much hesitation we all head to the bridge.

As we get to the rope bridge Dera notices that there are creatures in the woods coming towards the group. Rimo and Dera stand guard at the end of the bridge while Daimonion quickly dashes across to the other side. Tallorn stumbles a bit on the way, but makes it to the other side, followed quickly by Sik. Dario though stumbles and trips up on the bridge causing the rope bridge to twist and flip. Now hanging from the upside down rope-bridge, Dario tries to make it to the other side hand over hand, but his grip is slipping. Quickly he pulls out his rope and grappling hook and tosses it to Daimonion on the other side. Daimonion unfortunately fails to catch the hook, so Dario tosses it over the handrail of the bridge and uses it to slide down the bridge to the other side. Once Dario is on the other side the bridge releases its tension and flips back into right order.

Dera then proceeds to make her way across the rope-bridge, but slips and fails to catch the railing in time and falls down the gorge into the river below. Rimo seeing this quickly dives in to the river, swims over and is able to catch Dera before she can be swept farther downstream. Seeing as how the group is now no longer needing to use the rope-bridge Tallorn quickly cuts it to prevent anything from crossing it.

Dario using tosses his grappling hook into the river, and Rimo grabs it allowing the group to pull him and Dera out of the river. Despite the groups best efforts there doesn't seem much we could do to bring Dera back to life, but just as we start to give up on the idea, she begins to breathe again on her own.

With no need to bury anyone we decide to use the time to make camp, and rest up before traveling any farther.