Ravenloft (Wednsdays, Spring 2004): A Misty Meeting

A Misty Meeting


The two Rangers, Tallorn and Rimo, made their way down the wooded road of Invidia. Tallorn was in studded leather armor and the lack of helmet was displaying his bald head, and red eyebrows. Rimo … Tallorn was the older one and as a result took the role of the leader of the two, but it tended to end up with Tallorn following Rimo’s heroic lead.

They both were heading west towards the border with Sithicus to a gathering of Rangers. Dusk was beginning to settle and they were trying to figure out about how far it would be to the next town to rest at, and had stopped at an fork in the road looking for a sign post or something.

Looking down the southern branch they spotted two figures walking up towards them. Rimo readied his bow just in case, while Tallorn put his hands on the long and short swords at his side. The two wanderers consisted of Dario a person that looked almost Vistani, but this was only a quick look since once Dario had seen the two Rangers, he ducked into the woods. This left Daimonion, a dark catlike man with a big black broad rim hat, and rapier at his side.

Daimonion with great bravado approached the two rangers and began to talk to them. Fortunately enough Rimo was able to speak a common tongue with Daimonion, while Tallorn had to settle for Rimo as an interpreter. Tallorn tried to convince Daimonion that they were going on the northern branch, instead of heading to the border of Sithicus. The discussion, while short, was enough to last into the fall of darkness, and the three decided that it was best to travel together in the dark, with Dario as well, who appeared during the conversation from the woods.

The group of four then began to walk along the northern branch, to Port-a-Lucine, Daimonion’s destination. Night began to fall even darker, and it was apparent that they were not going to make it to any town or something. The start of rain, damped they walking spirit and it was decided to stop and make a fire and camp where they were. Surprisingly enough where Rimo and Tallorn could not make a fire, Dario was able to without much trouble at all.

As Dario’s fire started to really burn, the mists started to envelope the party. Tallorn quickly stood up with his swords at the ready, Rimo and Daimonion follow suit. The mist quickly engulfed the party almost to the point of making the fire become lost in it. Slowly the mist furled away and showed the party that they were not on a road in Invidia any more. In fact they were in a clearing next to a thick forest.

From the mist a slender lady approached the camp site. Almost beside the lady a figure in a dark concealing cloak started to approach from with in the mist. Rimo ready an arrow, just in case they were not as friendly as the first meeting. The slender lady suddenly ducked into the woods and disappeared from sight, but the dark figure continues to approach.

Daimonion strikes up a conversation with the figure, and Dario and Rimo join in, while Tallorn can only sit back and listen trying to make sense of the dialog. The conversation stops when the howling of wolves is heard in the distance. With the conversation over the group quickly decides to get into the woods, instead of staying out in the open. Tallorn quickly tells the group that it is a good idea to get into the trees if these are truly wolves. Once again Dario surprises the group, by being the only one able to climb up the wet and slippery trees.

As the group readies, Rimo notices that there are humanoid figures are moving amongst the trees. With this bit of news the group puts their backs to the tree in which Dario is sitting in. From the woods came a song, Tallorn was able to recognize it as a Tepesti children’s song. dera, the dark figure, suddenly lights up the forest when glowing armor appears on him. The sound of the song, and the crunching of undergrowth and wolven noises, caused dera to suddenly run away. dera was quickly followed by the rest of the group, for the same reasons that dera initially ran.

Daimonion slows down to run along side dera, while Rimo, Tallorn and Dario continue to sprint at full speed into the woods away from the humanoids. Ahead of the group a clearing appears, within which several chanting humanoids, which cannot be made out completely. As the group tries to run around the clearing, the creatures dart out of the clearing to meet the members of the group.

Tallorn charges the creature that stepped in font of him with his swords, but misses completely. The farthest creature with great speed moves to engage Dario but Dario avoids being hit. Dario quickly tries to slink back into the woods to avoid the rotted flesh creatures.

Despite not appearing to be only made of rotted flesh and bones, the creature was able to hit Tallorn with great force, knocking Tallorn to the ground. As Tallorn hits the ground he falls unconscious, and starts to bleed profusely.

Tallorn awakes groggily to the sounds of battle. The sounds of bone crushing, both healthy bones and brittle bones ring in Tallorn’s ears. Amongst the sounds though is still the chanting sound of the children’s song that Tallorn heard before.

After a bit of effort Tallorn is able to get back on his feet and clear the blood from his eyes to see the battle going on around him. Daimonion is lying on the ground bleeding into an already big pool of his own blood. Two of the creatures are huddled around a tree not to far from where a third is taking swipes at Rimo. Dario is dashing towards Daimonion. Also dashing is dera, but dera dashes towards the creatures huddled around the tree, and quickly fells one with an arrow.

Quickly Tallorn run over to Daimonion’s side, and with a quick lying on of hands, begins to help him to his feet. In the mean time dera fells another creature with an arrow. Daimonion, standing up quickly charges forth at one of the creatures and slays it with great ease.

Rimo suddenly yells run, as the sound of stomping comes from deeper in the forest. The stomping is coming from a group of creatures that have been sort of in the back while watching the battle in the clearing. Not wanting to take on more than they could handle the party, now including the slender woman who had disappeared earlier, runs through the clearing and out of the thick forest towards the crest of a hill.

As the group runs to the crest of the hill, fatigue starts to set in, but the stomping and chanting prod them on to make it to the crest without getting caught. On the other side of the crest is a small town. The small town, had only a few houses, and a town hall, but even more interesting was the fact that all the lights were on in the buildings.

The group undeterred by the eerie lights, bolted into the town, and dera throws open the doors of the town hall, and walks in while the rest of the group takes cover in the alleys between buildings. Since nothing appeared to happen, the rest of the group slowly wanders into the town hall. Tallorn as he enters starts to close the door, and windows. Meanwhile the rest of the group, starts looking around the town hall.

Dario finds a note on a desk where a dead guy is sitting, in a weird language, and reads it off. It takes a bit of time since it has to be translated into several languages for the entire group to understand it. Despite the translations it is still confusing and a bit unnerving. Despite that the slender lady wanders up the steps to the second floor. Rimo and Tallorn continue to keep watch of the outside, while guarding the door.

dera tries to leave the building but Daimonion, Rimo and Tallorn stop him. The two rangers decide to barricade the door with the desk the dead man is sitting at, but the slender lady has already moved it to barricade the way to the steps. As Rimo reaches for the desk the slender lady pulls out a crossbow on him. While Rimo and Tallorn are trying not to get shot, dera sneaks out the door. With the squeaking of the opening door, Tallorn quickly turns and rushes to shut the door.

With dera on the outside, Rimo and Tallorn continue watch at the unbarricaded door. Daimonion and Dario sneak up the steps where the slender lady appears to be encamped. Rimo then sneaks over to get the desk to put it in front of the door, but as the two rangers are moving the desk into place a loud scream comes from outside.

Rimo looks out the window and sees dera lying on the ground with blood splattered all about. Rimo makes a dash out the door, but Tallorn tries to stop him and convince him that it’s a bad idea. Tallorn unable to stop Rimo from dashing to dera’s aide stands guard at the open door waiting to get back inside if needed.

As Rimo reaches dera’s body and begins to drag it back towards the town house, a huge lumbering rotting hulk steps out of the house and steps towards him. Rimo quickly drops dera’s body on the ground and with both his hands gripped tightly around his sword takes a swipe at the hulk. The hulk though slams Rimo with a hammer, knocking Rimo for a stumble. Tallorn from the entrance of the Town Hall nicks the hulk with a crossbow bolt.

Despite the hit, Rimo takes another two-handed swing at the hulk and slices right through it causing it to fall to shambles on the ground. Quickly Tallorn runs out to help Rimo drag dera’s body back into the Town Hall, and help bring him back to consciousness.

The night passes uneventfully, except for the widening grins on several of the party’s faces. Apparently those that were hit were affected by some kind of disease that seems to be causing them to turn into the creatures. Rimo, Tallorn and others figure out a salve for to stop and reverse the effects. But it takes the next two days to completely cure those afflicted. During those two days the party stays inside the Town Hall and rests and heals up.