Blackfall IV: Campaign Secrets

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Blackfall IV Campaign Secrets

Blackfall IV—Overarching Plotline

Adventure 1: The End of Days

As the PCs enter Blackfall, one of the first things that they should notice is the amount of sickness and disease abounding throughout the First Ward. Hope seems to be slim, as many of the patrons of the First Ward lie writhing in the streets, delirious from the effects of disease.

After receiving their summons from King Maelbrek IV, the PCs are greeted by a heavily armed Royal Escort and taken to the Palace of Blackfall. There, Chancellor Corith Pyrd greets them and brings the PCs into a meeting room. He announces to the PCs that Maelbrek has fallen ill with the plague that has swept the city, and that the various guilds of the city have shut the gates separating the First and Second Wards—no one from the First Ward can enter the inner portions of the city.

Pyrd has reason to believe that Jason Sa-Raine, a necromancer slain by the Acolytes of Pelor several months ago, is behind the plague, Sa-Raine’s laboratory was sealed by orders of the King. With the king ill and the chancellor in charge, Pyrd wants answers. He commissions the group for two tasks: finding some way to stave off the plague from within the city itself, and infiltrating Sa-Raine’s lab to see if his notes could provide an answer.

Section 1a: Ravings and Delusions

Goal: Find a way to slow/cure the plague from within Blackfall.

Section 1b: Into the Abyss

Goal: Infiltrate the laboratory of Jason Sa-Raine and attempt to find a cure.
(Lair found in Magic of Eberron: Karnnathi Research Facility.)

Adventure 2: The King in Yellow

The PCs, having averted the plague that has swept Blackfall, now have several leads to go on. The message left by Templar Bohemond should remain deep in their minds. A meeting with him should take place shortly after their return to Blackfall proper.

Bohemond will meet with the PCs in a secret vault beneath the Temple of Heironeous. He asks them many questions about their business in Blackfall and what they have discovered so far. Bohemond becomes increasingly distressed and begins filling the PCs in on what he knows from the past. He also glances occasionally at an empty, still- locked display case that once held a weapon of some sort. Bohemond is loathe to explain it, but eventually succumbs, telling of a daring raid by the Orcus-devotee Izorek to retrieve the sword known as Afterlife. Izorek since vanished, after Bohemond pursued him up the side of MoonRaker Spire. Many bizarre creatures have been seen there, so Bohemond believes that the illithid now hold one of the most potent weapons in the world—Afterlife. However, this is not the only difficulty. On a late night walk, Bohemond spotted a powerful noblewoman, Lady Aribeth deWinter, meeting in a dark First Ward alley with a creature that could only be an illithid! Needless to say, the PCs must tread carefully in finding out what connection might be had there…

Section 2a: Needle and Spire

Goal: Deduce what happened to Afterlife and find the truth about Izorek.

Section 2b: The Curtain Falls

Goal: Find what connections “The King in Yellow” has to the nobility and stop its performance.

Adventure 3: The Black Fall

Goal: Infiltrate the Illithid base and disassemble their plans to raise Y’Golonac.

The Final Encounters:

When the PCs reach the illithid lair, they should begin to feel worn down. Their allies may be running out of spells or even dead. Regardless, they must press on, lest the illithid “succeed” in their attempt to raise Y’Golonac. Use the map of the illithid outpost for the final encounters, with the summoning chamber replacing the elder brain’s lair.

If the PCs Succeed:

The illithid threat is forever vanquished and Izorek’s claim to rule is at an end. King Maelbrek dies peaceably in his sleep and Chancellor Corith Pyrd executes a lawful transfer of power over to an elected oligarchy. Bohemond and Garrick (if they still live) are both elected to the Council of Nine. Some of the PCs may also be elected, if they so choose to retire.

If the Illithid Succeed:

The PCs, their allies and Izorek are dead. The ritual to raise Y’Golonac takes place, but something goes amiss. The entirety of Blackfall is surrounded by thick, gray mist and is transplanted to a rocky, barren world known as Bluetspur. There, Y’Golonac’s madness reigns and the illithid quickly lay siege to the city. The citizens who are not immediately devoured or enthralled go utterly mad. The illithid rejoice in their newfound power, until they realize that they are trapped in this land, unable to expand or conquer any longer.

If Izorek Succeeds:

The illithid plot has ended, but the noble PCs have fallen. Izorek uses his influence as Bertrand to infiltrate the Council of Nine. Three years later, in a war with a neighboring country, Izorek takes command of the army and makes his claim to the empty throne of Blackfall. By this point, he has so warped the clergy of Pelor that they now openly worship Orcus. Fear reigns, and Izorek rules with a brutal sword in each hand: Afterlife and Blackrazor.

Blackfall IV NPCs—Allies
Name Race Classes (Level) Location
Bohemond Dwarf Paladin/DwD/Topaz Guardian (6/8/3) Second Ward
Yvain Half-Celestial Elf Sorcerer (12) Inner Ward
Ernst Zolar Half-Elf Lich Sorcerer (11) Sa-Raine’s Lab
Dak Desharik Human Spirit Shaman (8) City Outskirts
Corith Pyrd Half-Elf Aristocrat (10) City Palace
Reynaldo Human Swashbuckler (9) Sa-Raine’s Lab
Drax Human Warlock/Barbarian (5/4) Sa-Raine’s Lab
Garrick Nordheimer Half-Orc Ranger (12) (C.W. Capt.) Second Ward
Sergei Stantinov Human Rogue/Assassin (6/5) First Ward

Blackfall IV NPCs—Enemies
Name Race Classes (Level) Location
Mordecai Gnome Rogue/Sorcerer/Cancer Mage (3/4/8) First Ward
Izorek Human Paladin (CE)/Warrior of Darkness (5/10) Inner Ward
Aribeth deWinter Elf Adept/Fleshwarper Inner Ward
Xiltictn Illithid Psion (6) Illithid Lair
Lincorlq Illithid Fighter/Body Tamer (2/8) Illithid Lair
Belthan Brocade Tsochar-Human Bard (14) Second Ward