The Hamlet of Groundwell

1. Smedley's Farm
This is the farm house of Mr. Smedley, his wife and two twin sons, Jason and John. These two have caused no end of trouble for the younger kids in the town, when they are not helping their dad with the farm they are terrorizing the younger townsfolk. This happens more so at night when they've enjoyed the pub's alcohol. Although lately Jason hasn't been as rowdy and eager to bully as his brother.

2. Smedley's Barn (rebuilt of course)
This is a new barn built on top of the ashes of the old one. The old one was burnt down during an attempt to stop the Smedley brothers from rasing a demon. Of course the Smedley brothers claim that they will only hanging out and drinking in the barn. If it wasn't for some smooth talking, and the attitude that the kids really didn't mean any harm, there was no serious punishment outside of groundings.

3. The Woodsmen's area
This is where most of the trappers and hunters set up tents. It is just far enough away from the hamlet to be quiet at night. It also isn't to far to wander back from the pub at night either. It is made up of a few tents and some shabby wooden shacks. During the day it is empty as the hunter and trappers are out in the woods. At night they are either at the pub, cleaning their catches or sleeping.

4. Carnash's House
The Carnash's are an elder couple of Half-Orcs who have settled down to farm. While they have had a rich life out in the world, they choose to stay and just farm now. They tend to prefer not to say much about their life before they came to Groundwell, and when asked just say that is the past, and they only care about enjoying the present.

5. The Deep Lake (a.k.a. the Bottomless Deep)
This is lake is very deep, and has been rumored to actually not have a bottom. In fact during one adventure the group thought they would find the bottom. Unfortunatly Morena-Nadia didn't know how to swim at the time and almost drowned. It took Q. to wade into the lake to drag her out. Still they never got more than five feet into the lake. To this day no one knows how deep it really is.

6. The Schoolhouse
The school house is a one story long building, with a bell in a two story steeple. It was built only about 20 years ago, when Lord-Mayor first took his position. He decided that things would be better if everyone was a bit more educated. So he built the school and had all the families send their children there to learn. With only two teachers for the whole town, it hasn't been very effective in teaching the students much, but it has sparked the imagination in quite a few during history lessons.

7. The Fox's House
Home to the Gorram Fox and his father. They basically grow enough to keep themselves well fed, and if not they have a chicken coup where they raise chickens.

8. The Summerset's House
The home of the two Blacksmiths, Mr. and Mrs. Summerset.

8a. The Forge's coal and ore storage yard
This where the coal and ore is stored for use in the forge and the Summerset's forge.

8b. The Summerset Forge
This is where the Summerset forge items, as well as their shop. For the most part they make and repair farm implements for the hamlet. Occasionally they take special orders for weapons, and armor.

9. The Aud's House

9a. The Aud's Shop and Stores
This two story building used to be a barn, but was converted into a shop on the first floor, and a storehouse on the second floor. The roof of the shop actually has a walkway on it so that people can look out over Groundwell. This is where the "Vampire" invasion was first spotted from.

10. The Wells

11. Tirnek's Pub

12. The Manor House

13. The Groudwell Administrative Building
The location of the Lord-Mayor's offices and the jail.

14. The Temple of St. Cuthbert

14a. The Cemetary
This is the cemetary for the hamlet of Groundwell.

15. The Jorgensens' House

16. The Frank Edler's House

17. The Terry Edler's House

18. The Big Rock

19. The Terrel's House

20. The Fuerni's House

21. The Que's House
Home of Vysthe and Quentine Que

22. The Sindal's House

23. The Bettie's House