The City Herald: Local Nightclub, Vibe, Shutdown!

February 4th, 2007

Local Nightclub, Vibe, Shutdown!

Local law enforcement officials shutdown Vibe, a local nightclub located on 15th street. The stated reasons were for violation of local Liquor laws, the presence of drugs and trafficking of drugs, and a more serious charge of corruption of a minor. All charges require an immediate shutdown of the business, as well as an appearance by the owners and those who were working at the time of the charges in court.

While none of the owners or workers of Vibe were taken into custody, Franklin Theodore, a patron of the nightclub, was taken into custody by the police. He was charged with several counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. More importantly he was also charged with corruption of a minor, giving alcoholic beverages to a minor, soliciting a minor, and finally two counts of giving a controlled substance to a minor.

The arrest of Mr. Theodore forced an investigation into the establishment which caused the closure of Vibe. The local police will keep Mr. Theodore in custody until the date of his hearings of the charges against him. The owners of Vibe and workers are expected to appear in court for their hearings, but no warrants have been issued for their arrest at this time.

According to a few other patrons at Vibe, none of who saw anything directly, a young boy between the ages of 8 and 12 was taken into custody by the Police. Some of the witnesses say the young boy was drugged, while some say just intoxicated and some say both. In all the cases they only saw the kid being lead from the nightclub by the bouncer, or being put into a police car after the nightclub was shutdown by the staff. None of the staffers or the bouncer would comment on the situation since there were pending criminal charges.

A spokesman for the police said that the nightclub was shutdown, pending an investigation into how the minor was able to get into the establishment. After the minor had made his way into the nightclub, he was given some drugs and some alcohol by a patron in an attempt to pick up the minor. Apparently when the minor reacted to the alcohol and the drugs, the patron became worried and alerted a staff member to the presence of the minor. The staff member alerted the police, and had a bouncer escort the minor out of the nightclub and waited with the minor until the police arrived. The staffer than detained the patron, and proceeded to close the nightclub for the police to investigate.

Since the kid involved was a minor his identity will not be forth coming from the local police. All they would say is that the minor has been released into the care of his guardians and taken to a medical facility for evaluation. Curious enough the police would not release the names of the staffer who detained the patron and closed the nightclub down or the bouncer who was on duty at the time the minor made it into Vibe. The police cited the pending case against the establishment as the reason for keeping their names undisclosed. When asked why they released the name of Mr. Theodore, they said that case was being treated as a case against an individual as opposed to an establishment and thus different.

Vibe opened as a nightclub about fifteen years ago. It is believed that in the past few years the nightclub has become a place for seedy drug dealers to sell drugs, as well as a place for those of alternate lifestyles to hang out. There have always been rumors about the establishment being a possible place for underground criminals to make deals as well, if it was not owned by criminals. At this time there is no indication of when the nightclub will reopen after this incident.