What Happened to Cleavon Washington?

The Guests of Mr. Biggs
Mr. Biggs
(Andy K.)
Mrs. Joanna Biggs
Mr. Biggs' Wife
(Jules M.)
Kung Fu Killa
Mr. Biggs' BodyGuard
(this character did go through
the legal process to have their
name officially changed to Kung Fu Killa)
(Heather B.)
Gina Witherington
Cleavon's Girlfriend
(Kat O.)
Clarrette Schwartz
Prostitute with a heart of Gold
Madame Clarice
The Voodoo Lady
(Jennifer Y.)
Mayor Mary Tillsworth
The Mayor
(Karen S.)
"Dirty" Jane McKirk
The Detective
(Rebecca N.)
Fred Jenkins
The Reporter
(Will H.)
Hobo Joe
(Lionel W.)
The FunkMaster
(Eric E.)

The Daily Sun

August 31st, 1976

Mysterious Deaths at Mr. Biggs' House

Fred Jenkins

METROPOLIS, MI -- Following the reappearance of Cleavon Washington, Mr. and Mrs. Biggs were mysteriously killed along with their body guard.

Because Cleavon had disappeared for over a month, Mr. Biggs hosted a public party in his honor. Everyone from a hobo to the mayor came to remember what Cleavon had done for our city.

As the party came to a close, Gina Witherington, girlfriend of Cleavon Washington, gathered everyone around and accused Mr. Biggs of attempting to kill her boyfriend. Suddenly, Cleavon appeared alive and well and confirmed that Mr. Biggs attempted to murder him.

Without warning, the lights turned off. Several gunshots and screams were heard. When the lights were finally turned back on, Mr. and Mrs. Biggs and their body guard were lying dead on the floor.

Several witnesses reported a grotesque creature entering the room. One stated, "Cleavon fired at the... thing... whatever it was. I heard a lot of other gunshots. Next thing I knew, the three of them were dead."

The police were called to the estate. After examining the crime scene, they determined that Cleavon was not responsible for the three deaths, but could not say who was. They denied any claims about a mysterious creature.

As he was leaving, Cleavon proudly proclaimed, "I will continue to deal with threats to the city in whatever form they take."

The Whole Truth

Dateline: August 31st, 1976

Giant Bug Man Invades Biggs' Estate!

Anon Y. Mous

METROPOLIS, MI -- The deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Biggs and his body guard were no doubt the result of a giant bug man!

Last week, Mr. Biggs hosted a large public party to honor the great Cleavon Washington, who was thought to be dead. One such guest, a hobo known only as "Joe" constantly rambled on about a bug he saw.

As the party was coming to a conclusion, Cleavon's girlfriend, Gina, called everyone together (with the exception of the hobo Joe, who was nowhere to be seen). Cleavon Washington suddenly showed up to the great surprise of Mr. Biggs, who apparently attempted to have him taken out.

Suddenly, the lights went out and a grotesque bug man appeared. Cleavon and others shot the foul beast before it could injure anyone, but Mr. and Mrs. Biggs along with their body guard were killed in the confusion.

When the bug man appeared to be dead, Cleavon fired one last shot into its head "just to be sure."

Upon examination of the bug man's remains, those attending the party concluded that he was in fact Joe the hobo. It is unclear as to how the hobo mutated into such a creature.

A Caribbean voodoo lady attending the party stated, "This was the dark force that I foresaw! If only I had discovered that this poor soul was afflicted, I could have performed a severance ritual to free him from the dark forces within."

Cleavon chose not to comment on the bug man, but merely said, "I will continue to deal with threats to the city in whatever form they take."

Metropolis Police Witness Report
Case #: 43729
Date: 8/31/76
Witness: Fred Jenkins
Occupation: Journalist
Phone: 313-555-9752
Residence: 5312 Main St.,
Metropolis, MI 48221
Signature of Officer: Arthur Jackson

Jenkins reports that he arrived at the Biggs Estate shortly before 7:00 PM. His purpose there was to write an article for the "Daily Sun" newspaper. Mr. Biggs served dinner and said that he was hosting the party in honor of Cleavon Washington's service to the city.

While gathering quotes for his article, Jenkins says he talked with a "voodoo lady" about a mysterious photograph he had. It was of a crime scene (which we determined to be of case #43551), and had an occult symbol prominently displayed. Jenkins says that he regularly got information for tabloid articles from this lady, but she had previously refused to help with this investigation. After more persuasion, she now decided to aid him.

The lady told Jenkins that the symbol was a summoning symbol and that a dark force was coming. She stated that only a powerful practitioner of voodoo magic could have created such a symbol. Furthermore, the lady claimed that someone in a disguise was present and contained "dark forces."

Jenkins also began work on an article on the mayor's reelection campaign. Promises included more streetlights, better police funding, and other measures to reduce crime. Jenkins claims that he suspected the mayor and Mr. Biggs were involved somehow and found it ironic that the mayor promised to reduce illegal activities that Mr. Biggs allegedly perpetrated. After some questioning, Jenkins did admit that he had considered doing an exposť story about this should the opportunity arise. Jenkins also claimed that the mayor offered him a job as a PR manager, but he turned it down, saying that he wanted "just the facts."

During the night, Jenkins spoke with Mrs. Biggs and found that she was not involved in the planning of the party. Furthermore, she said that she had never personally met Cleavon and her husband hardly had either.

Much of Jenkins' discoveries were from discussions with the aforementioned voodoo lady, a police detective, Cleavon Washington's girlfriend, Gina Witherington, and an amnesic hobo named "Joe." Jenkins claimed that from Joe, he determined that a fight between a man, who Jenkins suspected to be Mr. Washington, and a "buggie" took place at the photographed crime scene. According to the hobo, the buggie exploded and left blood everywhere. Later, another man came. Jenkins felt there was some truth in the matter, but didn't take it entirely seriously. As the party progressed, Jenkins noticed that Joe could not be found.

Jenkins also spoke with Claretta, a business woman who he had gotten information from in the past. Although she had tried to persuade him, Jenkins refused to tell her about what he had discovered.

Towards the end of the night, Jenkins states that Mr. Biggs had approached him with an offer to work for him as a PR manager in return for not publishing a story about the party. Jenkins said that he indicated that he decided to take him up on his offer in order to have a stable job. However, he did attempt to work with others to figure out what happened to Mr. Washington because of his admiration for the man.

Soon, Jenkins reports that Miss Witherington called everyone to gather. Joe did not appear. Suddenly, Cleavon Washington appeared and revealed that Mr. Biggs had tried to kill him. Jenkins reports that the lights went out and a "giant bug man" appeared. Several shots were fired and the bug man was killed before it injured anyone. When the lights turned on, Mr. and Mrs. Biggs as well as their body guard were lying dead.

Jenkins reports that the bug man had fragments of clothing similar to Joe's. The body was taken into custody and the matter became classified. Jenkins signed a non-disclosure agreement not to discuss this matter with anyone. However, he did request that he be able to submit an article to the newspaper "Daily Sun." The article was reviewed and allowed to be published.

ADDENDUM: On 9/7/76, the tabloid paper "The Whole Truth" published an anonymous article about the incident stating that a "bug man" appeared at the Biggs estate. An expert in writing styles determined that the article matched Jenkins' other works. He was jailed for five hours for breaking non-disclosure, but was released when the mayor granted him amnesty and ordered that the matter be dropped.

Photo Album
The Floor
uh...not sure what more is needed to be said about this.
Clarrette Schwartz
The prostitute with a heart of Gold
Waiting For Dinner
Gina, Kung Fu Killa, Mr. Biggs, Mrs. Joanna Biggs
and Hobo Joe.
Hobo Joe
Mr. Biggs and Kung Fu Killa
Gina Witherington,
Cleavon Washington's girlfriend
Mayor Mary Tillsworth,
Stumping for votes
"Dirty" Jane McKirk ,
the Detective,
on the case!
Mrs. Biggs.
Just remember that she is married to Mr. BIGGS!!
Fred Jenkins
Just getting the facts!
The Funk-Master
the man behind the scenes.
Kung Fu Killa and Madame Clarice get funky!
with the mayor in the background.
Mr. Biggs gives his speach
while Mrs. Joanna Biggs looks on.
Gina, Madame Clarice, and the detective admire Mr. Biggs' speach
Mr. Biggs talking with Mayor Mary Tillsworth while Mrs. Joanna Biggs looks on.
Mrs. Joanna Biggs talking with the Clarrette and Gina.
Hobo Joe ...uh....
Madame Clarice and Mayor Mary Tillsworth make an arrangement.
Mr. Biggs as Kung Fu Killa moves to block the camera, meanwhile Hobo Joe looks for an oppurtunity to talk to Mr. Biggs.
Gina schmoozes Mr. Biggs.
The Detective questions Clarrette, while Gina ignores the prattlings of Mrs. Joanna Biggs.
Mr. Biggs giving Kung Fu Killa some instructions.
Madame Clarice chanting.
"Dirty" Jane McKirk questions Madame Clarice.
Gina gathers the dinner guests.
Cleavon Washington makes his enterance.
Kung Fu Killa is DEAD! Who could have done that?!?!
(Whose gun is that?)
Maybe these fuzzy pictures might give us a clue as to whot he killer might be?
Maybe these fuzzy pictures might give us a clue as to whot he killer might be?
The GATS are drawn!
And suddenly everything is thrown into darkness!
(The first one was quite literally taken as the lights went out.)
In the middle of the darkness Mr. Biggs is shot.
Doesn't this remind you of another famous picture?
Out of the darkness and amongst the choas a creature emerges, and attacks the party goers!!
This is how the creature looked to the party goes, who did not have the benefit of a camera flash.
The creature is taken down!
The first picture is what the party sees as they approach it in the darkness.
The second is what the camera with the flash sees.
The party goers stand around the dead creature.
Gina initially accuses the Madame Clarice of summoning the creature, but they eventually come to the conclusion it was not the Madame Clarice that brought the creature to the party.
Cleavon makes sure the creature is dead by shooting it in the head.
The pile of dead human bodies left at the end of the party.
Mr. Biggs, Mrs. Joanna Biggs, and Kung Fu Killa.