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Mein Journal

The following are the Classified journal entries from the super named Manifesto. The Index is not part of the original journal, but was added to help with reading.

Sontag 1 Februar

Mein name is Urich Hartmann. I am write this so mein Englisch can get better. I know is bad, but I try. I came on bus today to Hub Sity. I saw poor pepol on the street. Amerika does not care about the poor. I make angry at this. I want to tell werhds of Marx to these pepol, but I am not stupid. First need to start trust.

Went to get haus. Got papers of possible hauses. Went to look one. Amerikans say is it "slum" but is fine for me. Saw Polizei blocking a wehrhaus and went to see. I stay in shados and I hide from polizist. Der wehrhaus is loked and so I leave. I walk by boats and man asks if I am new workehr. I pretend yes and get job with them. Is easy, but makes me hungrie. Go to store and by food, but it's all widerlich! Only capitalist Amerika do they make such bad! I stay in haus for poor pepol and talk with pepol. Some listen to wehrds of Marx.

By haus tomorrow and move things in. Werhked at zehn, but use "fork lift" so I am not so hungrie. Am eating at haus now and see drei pepol at wehrhaus. I go to see what they are do. I hide who I am and become Manifesto.

Montag 2 Februar

By haus now and move things in. Werhked at zehn, but use "fork lift" so I am not so hungrie. Am eating at haus now and see drei pepol at wehrhaus. I go to see what they are do. I hide who I am and become Manifesto.

Dienstag 3 Februar

Went to wehrhaus yesternacht and saw three pepol. Two frauen were talking and one mann was on the roof. Mann on roof saw me and showed gun at me. I try fearing him, but he not feared. Two frauen came over and were feared. They say that they want justise for merder of small girl in wehrhaus. I tell them I can help becaus I want justise in world.

Mann is name “Lochschanks“ and has natural powers, but is not strong. His costume is dumb, is street clothes with mask! Frauen are ”Cheepschot“ and ”Scherezahd“. One wehrs a danser outfit and other has many guns.

I pull out bolts from door and break door. We walk in, but was dark and they not see like me. We see blut and follow. I climb on one box in wehrhaus to see high, but it fall and broke. Inside was kokain. Scherezahd remember kokain smuggle up highway that may be connected. I climb again and see opening. Suddenly, Scherezahd made magik sword that make light. Everyone was surprised. She has magik power! We walk, find open area where blut leads to. Blut goes into small drain, we not know what to think. Find crate with food that I eat (I was hungri). Other crate had child girl dress-up clothes. Crate had child tooth in too. Others say young girl was murder here.

We hear pepol come in. They not see me, but they see others and start shoot. Some shoot back, others run. I try to sneak up. They get hit and start to leave. I come near and feared them, then hit all. They die. Others see they have identification and take. We think is dangerous, so we leave. I tell others to leave note by grocery store if they want to talk to me.

I go home. I feel bad for killing the pepol. I find it hard to control anger at night. I could have not killed, just took guns away. Why I not able to do it?

This day I go to work and workers feared. They hear what happen. Say wehrhaus owned by ”William Genovisi“ und compani ”Huxley Shipping & Imports.“ One mann, Jerome Whitmore, say lots about this. He like me since he outsider like me.

I think about all this while use forklift. Is very troubling. I not pay attention and don’t push clutch. Is very bad and I ruin forklift. Boss is mad and make me lift, so I get hungri.

Jerome tells of “all you can eat Chinese buffet” at Happy Panda. I go. See all good food that I eat. Also see pepol waste food. Food waste could feed many hungri pepol. I go home and sleep.

Mittwoch 4 Februar

Jerome see strange men go around wehrhaus, but not go in. Men have guns. Look bad. He say that they are Genovisi’s. I ask why they walk and he say they guard against someone. Not Russian mob, usual enemy, because they would have destroied wehrhaus by now. Say it must be some other.

Donnerstag 5 Februar

After work, I go to Peking Panda. Workers very happy to see me. I eat, and see news story that Dean’s daughter is missing. Wonder if she is missing like murdered girl.

I go to store to see if other heros left message for me. They drive up in van and find me and take me. I tell CheepSchott I good at driving and she let me drive after a while. We go to park where Dean daughter became missing. Look around and see crab tracks like in wehrhaus. They go into busches and we see a book inside. Is “Amerikan Girl” series about girl from long ago. Is librarie book from “Wendell Thurston Memorial Librarie” and we decide to go to find who out cheked it.

Lochschanks pick loch on librarie and we go in. Scherezahd goes to computor and find is out cheked by Viktor Williamson. She find address too. While there, Lochschanks out check “Chuse Your Own Advenchur” books and I out check German-Englisch dictionary. We out check under Viktor’s name for fun.

Sadly is late and we not able to do more. We go home and meet tomorrow.

Freitag 6 Februar

After wehrk, we meet again. We go to haus of Viktor which is dump. Inside we find other “Amerikan Girl” books. Inside each is address of different girl. CheepSchott say each girl was supposed to be like “Amerkian Girl” in book.

Scherezahd do magik look at book and see man write on spine of book. We look there and it say address. We go to address. Is another wehrhaus. Lockschanks and I climb up and on way, I see big glow eyes. Is scarie. We climb in window. The women go through door.

Inside was erschrecken mann! Was naked and changed shape, lengthening arms and legs. Girl was screaming in corner and I thought the man geraubt her. I want to help, but it hurt the others. They shoot it much. I run up and punch several time. Suddenly man stretch arms and hit me. It hurt, but I keep fight and punch many time. Man biggens bodie and surrounds me, but I hold back. I try to jump out, but he too fast. I punch him more and he bleeds. Man smalls himself, but have long arms to run. Lochschanks shoots him and he booms. Is big mess!

Girl was crying much. We leave her at hospital. CheepSchott say that she call Polizei and tell them to go to place to block off wehrhaus.

I glad that I save girl and save town from bad mann. I want justice in werhld. Marx say, “From each akording to ability to each akording to need.” I have ability to fight evil and keep others safe. I do what I can to help others.

Samstag 7 Februar

I hear on news that girl we reskued was found. No mention of what happen at wehrhaus. I happy to hear this on news.

At work, Mr. Hoffman happy I show up on time. I think not US wehrkers always show up late, so he happie that I show up on time. He let me drive forklift again today!

Jerome took me to lunch at “Thai restaurant.” Was good. He asked about home countrie. I pretend I from West-Deutschland. I mention I have twin brother, but not say more. Jerome say that he saw something “flow” from sewer into wehrhaus. This was few days before we went in. I think Jerome saw the mann we kill night last.

I get paycheck. Is not much, but is some. I go to bank to get monie for it.

Went home and got letter from land lord. It from Hausing & Urbahn Develop. They want to know that I still have job. I pay for phone and tell them I have job at dock. They also tell of sale with “Salvation Armie” tomorrow. At first, I think was militarie surplus, but they say is charitie for poor people. I like that some pepol think like Marx do.

Sonntag 8 Februar

I go to “Salvation Armie” sale earlie. I buy bed, chair, television, cooking things, alarm clock, and other thing. Unfortunate, I realize I can’t carry all home by self without pepol notice. I call number for CheepSchott and Lochschanks answer. He say he come to the place and help move. I not like showing where I live, but he seem trustworthy so far. And is hidden powerful like me.

We move in and he help move stuff. He leave say he had job at “Disko.” I watch television. Some news, say that Soviets advance further. I see “A-Team” which I much like. I also see “MacGyver” who is just like me! He fight against Communism, he not like gun, and he also can mess vehicles and items (but much better than me). MacGyver just like me! I should learn to make bomb out of “chewing gum,” which I think is chemical.

Montag 9 Februar

I go to wehrk today. Is quiet. Jerome talk with me more. He give me large lunch pail for bring food to wehrk. We become friends good.

Afterwards, I find Lochschanks at mein house. Was a bit mad, but he promise dinner so I go. We go to “Duffy’s Smorgasboard” which is like Happy Panda, but different food. I like. He then want to take me “clubbing.” We go to one club, but man there say club not open and we leave. He then take me to an expensive restaurant. They not open either. I not sure what Lochscanks is do. Is this friend thing or something else?

He take me to CheepSchott home. Scherezahd there too. CheepSchott show drawing from man we kill Freitag. Is lots of strange drawing and wehrd. Some in German. One, say “Dië karotechia!” seem like name, but I not recognize. Scherezahd touch paper and magick see a road in “Pennsilvainia.” I remember see that road too on way to Hub Sity. She think that man we kill went there. They want to go and we plan to go on Freitag because we not work then because is “President’s Day Weekend.” Also, Lochschanks convinced CheepSchott to send us to “Shining Stars Bar, Grill, and Restrant.” She is paying, so I want to come. Is expensive place, so I must make sure I where clean clothes.

I go home and watch MacGyver. Today, he turn casket into jet ski. I wunder why Soviets never teached us that in training.

Dienstag 10 Februar

Nothing interesting happen at work. I pack lunch in lunch pail from Jerome and he seem happy.

I go to meet others after work and we go to restrant. Many people there. Scherezahd puts name down as “Eastham,” so I call her “Miss Eastham” from now. We told that we need to wait hour and half. I think that Miss Eastham try to magik persuade her to get in, but it not work. Say that we have appointment with Stephen P. Alzis, but no good.

We wait at bar. I order milk (like Mr. T does). I try dance to music, but I think I out stand too much. Sudden, I see men who look like what Jerome described. Genovisi on one side of room and White Russian on other. And they not killing each other! Also see Cleavon Washington, who is back after missing. Also see city councilman Swartz not with wife... I not think he should be voted again.

Then speaker say we ready to be seat. We walk into room and is beautiful! We see marble statues and colums and smells so good.

Waiter comes to table and, in perfect American aksent, ask what wine we like. Miss Eastham orders a fancy one. Waiter come back to table and hand cork to Lochschanks. He look at it AND LICK IT! We all erschrocken! Next he get cup to look at wine and he drink it! Waiter set down bottle and quickly walk away. Poor mann...

Sudden, I look across room. I see another mann Jerome say about. Was Stephen J. Alvis, who had picture I see earlier. Miss Eastham magik mind see him, I think, but start screaming and hit head on table she fall sleep. Was scary! Stephen J. Alvis look a tad worried, but start talk with Lochschanks. CheepSchott help me take care of Miss Eastham and she wake up. I carry her out and CheepSchott pay for bill. She not seem happy. I notice Miss Eastham magik heal so blut is gone.

We still hungrie because we not eated. So I take all to Happy Panda. The people were about to close, but they real happie to see me again and with friends! Those people like me very, very much. We eat lots and they happie. In fact, they let put food in white boxes so to take. They very nice.

Miss Eastham feel a bit better now. We ask what she mind see and she say scarie things. She say she see Stephen J. Alvis look like demon and laughing while standing around our burned bodys. She say more, but is too scarie to write.

Next we go CheepSchott’s house. But on road Miss Eastham fall over and start scream! Say that Stephen J. Alvis is follow her. We look where she point and see no body. Some walkers stair, so I pick her up and carry to house. Miss Eastham calm down some, and she go to bed. I decide to stay at house for night to make sure she better.

Mittwoch 11 Februar

Miss Eastham seem to do well in night. No more scream, but she still look white. She decide not to go to work. I take bus to work, but unfortunate, I a little late so I have to heavy lift instead of fork lift.

During lunch, I talk Jerome. I say I saw Genovisi and White Russian in same room. He not believe me. He say Genovisi been in Hub Sity for 50 years and White Russian only come recent. Also say there is a group from Columbia who sells to both, and they not get along because they both want business of Columbia. He also not believe I was in the Shining Stars, but I say my friend think he fancy but not (and even lick cork!). Also say I saw Stephen P. Alvis, and Jerome look worry. He tell not mess with him. Jerome also say he find out what he can.

After work, I go to house. Miss Eastham is doing fine. While there, CheepSchott tell me that car of Lochschanks is there, but has fuel problem. I look at it, but not able to figure out how to fix. I start reading owner manual when Lochschanks say he need leave to work in disco. Was Armageddon club run by Stephen P. Alvis. Since Jerome warn not to go near, I tell Lochschanks I not go.

After read manual, I know better how American car work and I fix car of Lochschanks. I look at paper we found in stretch man book. I see werhds “The holder of the end has ripped the veil.” Sudden, I think of Armageddon club! Armageddon is END of world. And holder of Armageddon club is Stephen P. Alvis! I not know about veil, but I keep think that this is what first part mean. CheepSchott believe when I say, but when Lochschanks come back, he not believe and think that end is like “Where the Sidewalk End” by Shell Silver Stein. I think he dumb for that. I go home.

Donnerstag 12 Februar

At lunch, Jerome tell he work with docks for last three years after move to Hub Sity from Star Sity. He not talk about Genovisi. I not know if he not find anything out or not want to tell me. I not ask.

Mr. Hoffman come up to me. He say that he like fact that I show up on time and am good worker. He say my contract is up and ask if I work next week with Smith & Miller Holdings. I say yes and he agree to pay raise of half dollar each hour.

I go to house and pack for trip. Since tomorrow I not work, we go on our trip to Pennsilvania. I not know what to expect, but we see.

To eat:
- I eat
- I ate
- I will eat
- I have eaten
- I had eaten
- I will have eaten
-I am eating

Englisch ist stumm!

Jerome's Entry

Ulrich’s dead. They had some article in the paper yesterday about how there was a big accident near the Pennsylvania border and four people, including Ulrich, died. The boss seemed to hate the fact that he lost one of his best workers, but didn’t really think much beyond that.

I found this journal in Ulrich’s house. I’m glad he left it here because otherwise it would’ve been burned in the crash. I’m lucky that I searched his house before the police did. After all, I don’t think they would have been too keen to find out that Ulrich was a vigilante.

Vigilante. Part of me knew it all along. Whenever he talked about that warehouse, I knew he knew more about it than he was letting on to. But now I know that he and several others were directly behind it all. He called himself “Manifesto.” Somehow, I don’t think he meant that he was a Commie. At least, not the way most people are. No, I think he believed in Marx, not what the Russians turned it into. I don’t know if I agree, but I do know that he wasn’t a Red and he wasn’t my enemy. He was my friend.

I’d never met the others that died with Ulrich, but they were vigilantes too. There was Valerie Eastham (Scheherazade), Penny Winchester (Cheapshot) and Jason Valiant (Lockshanks). It makes me wonder how many of us there really are. After reading this, I looked up their addresses and searched their houses. There wasn’t much at Valerie Eastham’s home and unfortunately, Penny Winchester’s place was already barricaded by the police and I couldn’t get in. Based on what they were carrying out, it seemed like she was an inventor of some sort. Pity that I couldn’t get there first.

I never told him that I was a vigilante like him. What, with the Keane Act in place, I couldn’t risk it. But Ulrich Manifesto didn’t let that stop him. He risked his own life for what he believed in. If only fate had looked on him more kindly.

If nothing else, Manifesto’s death has made me decide to risk it all. Manifesto killed that... thing... I had seen going into the sewers. It was raping young girls, and I did nothing to stop it. Nothing at all. Never again will I allow creatures like that to threaten people. Never again. Because they’ll be taken down by me. They’ll be taken down by the Shadow Hunter!