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WittCon Xv

March 24th, 2018

WittCon is annually sponsored by the Wittenberg Role-Playing Guild of Springfield, OH. Open and welcoming to the public, WittCon annually kicks off the convention season with a bang in the heart of gamer-country.

Cast dice or spells in games of D&D, WEGS, and other RPGs, sign up for a Magic: The Gathering Draft Tournament, or take a break in our All-Day Board Game Room. Don't forget to dress up as your favorite character for our Cosplay Costume Contest for the chance to win gamer prizes, or paint the costume of your dreams on the paint n' take Reaper Minis...

Click here for general information and submission guidelines for Gamemasters!

WittCons of Yore

A list of the previous WittCons held here at Wittenberg University.

Other Conventions

A list of other Conventions, some local, some not, that fellow Guild members have attended or are looking to attend. We are planning to put Guides together of information you would need to know about attending the listed conventions, to help you plan ahead for the trips if you are interested. Also we look to put up pictures and other memories from the conventions that we have attended.

Always if you have questions about the convention listed, please feel free to ask one a Guild member who has attended.

Images are used from the linked site. If you have a concern about the use of such image please let the webmaster know.
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