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Memories of WITTCON X
March 23rd, 2013

Well another fun WittCon has come to past, and a lot of fun was had by all! There were a total of 84 gamers that attended. We had our first Miniatures painting contest which brought in 6 contestants. The Costume Contest had 13 participants, which I believe is a record! We also had a wonderful panel with some of our Alumni talking about their experiences in the Gaming industry which informative.

Now on to the fun stuff, a collection of pictures and anecdotes from WittCon X! You can click on the pictures for larger versions.
If you have any pictures of anecdotes or comments or suggestions for Wittcon please feel free to email them to
"RPGuild" dash "Con" at "Wittenberg" dot "Edu"

Magic Tournament, Costume Contest and Miniatures Contest Winners!
Winner of the Magic The Gathering EDH/Commander Tournament:
Aaron D.
Winner of the Magic The Gathering Wacky Sealed Tournament:
Aaron D.

First Place:
Maab, Queen of the Unseelie Court
(Beverly P.)
Second Place:
Android 18
(Pam D.)
Third Place:
(Sarah B.)

First Place:
Necron Wraith, Gold Plated
(Patrick B.)
Second Place:
Derpy Hooves
(Eric E.)
Third Place:
(Kevin H.)

Next we would like to thank all of our Game Masters who helped run a game or event at the WittCon X!

  • Josh B.
  • Kyle B.
  • Lauren C.
  • Joseph D.
  • Eric E.
  • Allen H.
  • Will H.
  • Andy K.
  • Zach K.
  • Spencer L.
  • Victor L.
  • Chris M.
  • Jesse M.
  • David N.
  • Andy P.
  • Lionel M. W.
As well as our volunteers who helped setup, run and cleanup:
  • Kailee C.
  • Vivian C.
  • Sam H.
  • Henry K.
  • Sean R.
  • Theron "Boots" S.
  • Front of ShirtAnd a thank you to Robert L. for the design of this conventions logo!

We would like to thank our Sponsers as well
Sarah Bay of Genesis Maille, for her awesome Chain Maille creations, and demonstrations.
Bookery and Fantasy: Games and Comics, For their amazing Prize support!
StoryWeaver, for their sponsorship and prize support
Fellowship of the White Start for running their games at our Con.
Beavercreek Pizza Dive for the delicious pizza.

Costume Contest
The Costume Contestants in their Costume Order
Costume #1
(Sarah B.)
Third Place in Costume Contest
Costume #2
Time Lord Science Officer
(Evan W.)
Costume #3
Indiana Jones
(Eric H.)
Costume #4
(Cynthia H.)
Costume #5
(Kailee C.)
Costume #6
(Vivian C.)
Costume #7
Little Sister
(Laruen C.)
Costume #8
Sailor Moon
(Kerrie D.)
Costume #9
New Age Dark Elf
(Christine H.)
Costume #10
(Zack K.)
Costume #11
Maab, Queen on the Unseelie Court
(Beverly P.)
First Place in Costume Contest
Costume #12
Android 18
(Pam D.)
Second Place in Costume Contest
Costume #13
Iron Man

Miniatures Contest
The Miniatures Contestants in their Miniatures Order
Costume #1
Necron Wraith, Gold Plated
(Patrick B.)
First Place in Miniatures Contest
Mini #2
Antro Fox Ranger "RAE"
( )
Mini #3
Big Blue Mek
(Zack K.)
Mini #4
Derpy Hooves
(Eric E.)
Second Place in Miniatures Contest
Mini #5
(Kevin H.)
Third Place in Miniatures Contest
Mini #6
Space Marine Librarian
(Harry C.)

Photos by Christine H.
Magic The Gathering Tournament. Contemplation of the next move
Magic The Gathering Tournament. Aaron D. inspects a card

Photos by Will H.
Sam H. with Steve the Badger, during the cleanup of WittCon X. With Andy K. and Jules M. in the background

Photos by Andy K.
Our selection of board games, in the board gaming area. Notice that it includes a copy of Electronic Mall Madness ;-)
Dungeons and Dragons Next! Notice that these games are not cringing from the natural sunlight. Role-Playing stereo-types bee darned!
THUMP! spins a yarn of adventure in which the gathered group partake in!
Steve the Badger with the help of some gamers enjoy re-writing a bit of history!
A game of Cold Steel Wardens in action!
An ORC, and his secrative helper try to defend PIE!
Little Sister and an unmasked splicer help greet people to WittCon X!
A hapless adventurer attemptes to get a piece of pie from the ORC's trove of pies
Will H. and Andy K. impress the audience with tales of derring do in the Gaming Industry!
And the tales continue.
Awww Fudge! It is a game of Dresden Files!

Photo by Lionel M. W.
Some of the Orc's pies. Looks like there were quite a few succesfull raids on that poor Orc's pies.

Artemis: Starship Bridge Simulator
"Let's go Warp three, because I don't care about Energy!" - Captain Joseph D.
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