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Memories of WittCon XI: The Eleventh Hour!
March 29th, 2014
Attendance: 114!

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Vendors & Sponsers

Vendors who wish to thank for attending WittCon
Company Type Contact info

Genesis Maille
Chain Maille and Jewelry
Genesis Maille is run by Sarah Bay, former Guildmaster. Sarah will be selling items jewelry at the convention and you also have the opportunity to make your own things as well. If you are interested in making a Maille Creation, then see Sarah at her booth in Shouvlin 105 to set up a time during the convention to make your creation!

Bell Book and Comic
Gaming and Comic book store!
A comic book and gaming store located in Dayton, OH, serving our local, national, and international customers since 2003. We buy, sell, and trade comic books, graphic novels, toys, paperbacks, games, and gaming supplies.
They will also be helping to run Magic: TCG events at WittCon XI!
Sponsors with whose help we were able to make WittCon XI such a great event!

Bookery and Fantasy: Games and Comics
Games of sorts and Comics Games:
15 West Main Street
Fairborn OH 45324
(937) 879-3940
16 West Main Street
Fairborn OH 45324
(937) 879-1408
Bookery and Fantasy is America's largest comics shop at 16,000 square feet, near Dayton, Ohio. It has a great collection of Comics both new and used as well as a wide assortment of gaming items from Board games to Role-Playing to Miniatures, to an eccletic selection of used DVDs too. Along with a great crew working the shop this is a must visit place for anyone who is into games or comics.

Role-playing games and modules
Storyweaver is an indie games company that specializes in off-the-wall role-playing games and modules for popular titles such as Savage Worlds and Rapture: The End of Days. All of our game designers and writers have been gamers for too many years now, as our long-suffering families will tell you. This means we know what makes a great game - action and adventure are not enough. You need plot quirks, and funky characters with lashings of emotional intrigue. And that's what we deliver. comics.

Fellowship of the White Star
Role-Playing Supplements and Modules
Join the Fellowship in their fight against the evils plots of: Rasputin, Imhotep, Dracula, Baba Yaga, Emilio Aguinaldo, Arthur Evans, Jack the Ripper and the Six-Fingered Hand. Walk the world where magic and evil exist but are unknown to the common man. Your job is to keep them safe, but can you succeed...

Bavercreek Pizza Dive
4021 Dayton-Xenia Rd
Beavercreek OH 45432
(937) 431-8669
Beavercreek Pizza Dive is a wonderful pizza joint that has such amazing pizzas as the Bomber (with a lot of meats!) and the always delicious BLT Pizza. With their hand made fresh pizza dough, and wonderful assortment of toppings and 'let's try it' desire to use them in interesting and fun ways, this is a wonderful place to get pizza.

White Wizards Workshop
Gaming Company!
White Wizards Workshop is where gaming magic begins!
These guys are the creators of the Strategy Card Game "Conjuring Season".

WittCon XI T-Shirts
WittCon XI T-Shirt Design
Shirt Front Shirt Back

Costume Contest

(A note about the pictures, depending on you browser when you click on the pictures it may re-orient them)
The Winners of the Costume contest!
Gladiator Captain America
First Place!
(a.k.a. Mind = Blown!)
Second Place!
(a.k.a. Wow! Thats Cray Cray)
Third Place!
(a.k.a. Semi-Sentient, Only Slightly Oddified Person of the Multiverse)
We also like to say it was her fault it snowed during WittCon XI!
The other contestents!
Zombie Hunter
J. C. Denton
Mad Hatter
(Note: The clock in the hat actually worked!)
Hawkeye, Clint Barton
Catachan Jungle Fighter
(a.k.a. Costume #8
my apologies)
(who only smiles on the second take)
Roses' Mom
Monster Jack
Masked Roxas
Older Kiki

Miniatures Painting Competition

(A note about the pictures, depending on you browser when you click on the pictures it may re-orient them)
Warboss BluSkarr
(a.k.a. Everyone's favorite little thing to play with)
First Place!
Pimp McMage
(a.k.a. I shall call him Mini Me)
Second Place!
Fox Hunter
(a.k.a. Shiny!)
Third Place!

Pictures from around the Convention

(A note about the pictures, depending on you browser when you click on the pictures it may re-orient them)
Gamma World 4e
You have to start at WittCon, and that place is the Registration desk
Cold Steel Wardens: Ragnarok
Dresden Files: Missing Vampire Rescue
Cold Steel Wardens: GeneBound Nightmare
Orc and Pie, with Real Pie!
Orc and Pie, with Real Pie!
The Results!
White Wizards Workshop
The Hereos Quest (The Keyblade Stands alone version)
The Hereos Quest (The Keyblade takes a knee)
Fellowship of the Whitestar: B609 Hark the Herald Angels Sings by Victor Long
Fellowship of the Whitestar: Wildcard!
Cold Steel Wardens: Chew on This!
Yggdrasill : The Beast of Ann
Traveller: Traveller Character Generation
Era of the Ninja
World of Darkness: The Asian Vacation
The narrative?
The Players

Here is the Kitty Gamers video on youTube And a behind he scenes video of one of the "stars"

Feel free to print and distribute the above posters.
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