Cos Arena Rules

Those planning to attend please print this out and hand the bottom to us when you come.
More will be printed out at the con. Thank you.

Basic Idea:
This game is meant to simulate a battle from an RPG video game such as Final Fantasy except without the video game. So you are the character!

Teams are evenly split. Each person gets 200 Hit Points (HP) to start. Teams will line up facing each other on the lines marked. Players may choose to have a Limit Break (see below) and must notify the judge BEFORE THE GAME BEGINS.

Turns will alternate between players and teams. For example: If players 1, 2, and 3 are on one team and players 4, 5, and 6 are on another team, then the play order is 1, 4, 2, 5, 3, and 6. Play continues until all players on one team have lost all of their HP or they decide to Run Away.

When it is your turn you have a few choices of what to do. You may:

This is a basic option. Choose one person on the opposing team and attack them. The judge will role a 6-sixed die (D6). If a 1 is rolled, then you miss the opponent. If a 2-6 is rolled, then you hit the opponent and may act out an attack (Remember, no actual violent contact!). All attacks do a standard 30HP damage.

Use Magic/Summon

Each player gets to do three spells per game. There are two spells you may use:

Status Effects When you want to add a status effect to magic (must be a Single Person spell) tell the judge which status effect you would like to try. There are three status effects that may be inflicted:

Summoning is a powerful magic each player may do ONCE per game. Like magic spells there are two types:

Use Item
There are three types of items a person may use:

Limit Break
This may be done ONCE PER GAME and only when a player has 50HP or less. This is in place of a normal attack and does 60HP damage to ONE PERSON on the opposing team. Players may choose to have a limit break before the games starts and must notify the judge BEFORE THE GAME STARTS as to whether they have one.

Run Away
If those that are left on a team decide they would like to keep their dignity intact, they may forfeit the match and flee.

Some basic ground rules

  1. NO VIOLENT PHYSICAL CONTACT! Although this is meant to simulate a battle, we do not want players receiving ACTUAL BATTLE INJURIES. Players may act out attacks but must stop short of actually hitting another player. If violent contact is made with intent to injure, the attacking player will be penalized 100HP. If the offense happens a second time, the player will be banned from the game for the rest of the day. The only EXCEPTION is if the player is asked BEFORE THE GAME BEGINS and the judge has knowledge of this attack or other contact.
  2. All dice rolls are final. Judges are unbiased and so is the die. Sometimes people have lucky, or unlucky, runs. Take the numbers you get.
  3. Keep it clean and sportsmanlike. Keep the spells, summons, and attacks clean and in good taste. No nudity or gross innuendos will be permitted. Also no spells, summons, or attacks that force a player to do something distasteful will be permitted.
  4. Stay behind the line. This is for your safety and our sanity. Do not get in the way of other player’s attacks or spells, especially if the judge has ruled it will be a hit.
  5. Questions welcome, whining ignored. If you would like to contest a ruling, ask the judge nicely. Whining, screaming, swearing, begging, stomping, running around in circles, and pulling your hair out will be ignored as a means of contesting a ruling and could lead to you being removed from the game.
  6. And last but not least HAVE FUN! This is your chance to take part in your favorite RPG! Act out the attacks and status effects! Do that really cool attack that you’ve always wanted to do!

I have read the above rules and have agreed to them. I acknowledge that members of Wittcon III and it’s affiliates are not responsible for any injury that I may receive while participating in this activity.