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Memories of
Wittenberg Role-Playing Guild's WittCon IV:
Luck of the Dice!

Well WittCon IV: Luck of the Dice has passed us by leaving us with fond memories. So here we shall collect some of those fond memories to help in our recollection of the wonderful time that we had.

    Introduction to Role-Playing
  • The tree of Light
  • Tom the Fighter guarding the front door, while battle rages behind the inn
  • Is it Baley or Barley?
  • The Bridge crossing
    Orc and Pie
  • The Paladin and Druid successfully retrieved the pie from the Orc
  • Running down innocents
  • The exploding flame thrower on Agent Red's back
  • Agent Orange smashing the police car door, and then the cop in the car door
  • Agent Pink sniping Bobby, and missing his girlfriend
  • Agent Blue scaring Bobby's girl with her shotgun
  • Agent Red stealing the shirt off the dead cop
  • Agent Red trying to use the Police car megaphone to get people out of the park, but instead creating feedback, which caused Agent Orange to wreck the police car against a tree
  • Agent Blue trying firing a shotgun at the cops and shooting down two more innocents
  • Agent Green tossing a thermite grenade into the clutch of zombies and causing a big boom
  • Agent Red punching the burning hulk of the creep zombie and getting his hand stuck, then freaking out when by all the wriggly creepers in the hulk
  • The zombie hulk exploding and launching creeps onto almost all the agents, with two landing on the freaked out Agent Red
  • Agent Pink having to take two rounds to kill a creep
  • Agent Orange squashing the creeps on Agent Purple and Agent Red
  • Agent Green tossing her other thermite grenade into the second clutch of zombies taking them out
  • Agent Green sneaking out of the park, while the rest are caught by the SWAT team and sent to Leavenworth for 5 years
    Lep-R-CAN Chase
  • "Every Slime is Sacred"
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