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Memories of
Wittenberg Role-Playing Guild's WittCon IV:
Luck of the Dice!

Well WittCon IV: Luck of the Dice has passed us by leaving us with fond memories. So here we shall collect some of those fond memories to help in our recollection of the wonderful time that we had.

All Photos on this page are courtesy Andy Klosky

Waiting for the Convention to start

Munchkin Fu
Adam, our second place costume contest winner, munching

Wyrm Crawl Fissure (Epic D&D)

The Epic players on the left
The Epic players on the right
The Epic players in action

Isle of Destiny

The Isle of Destiny's 'Tour Guide'.
Note: Sarah was our second place winner in the costume contest.
Adventures to the Isle of Destiny

Arkham Horror: Call of Cthulhu Board Game (the revised printing)

Arkham Horror: A Bowl full of Monsters! A Bowl full of Monsters!
Arkham Horror: Planning the next move Planning the next move

Are you a Werewolf?

Does anyone here look like a werewolf? Does anyone here look like a werewolf?
A Duel A Duel

Lep-R-CAN Chase (Paranoia)

Troubleshooters raise their arms
"I don't think having a pony-tail is a mutant trait, right?" - Mac-R-THR as Mac-R-THY looks on.
Note: Jess (Mac-R-THY) was the first place winner in our costuem contest
Wolf-R-SSR ponders how best to use his buzzsaw to serve the Computer. Rig-R-DOO looks a bit worried
Gear-R-HED ponders if their are traitors amongst the team
The Computer thinks
A Bonus little AVI cell-phone video (468kb)
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