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Memories of
Wittenberg Role-Playing Guild's WittCon IV:
Luck of the Dice!

Well WittCon IV: Luck of the Dice has passed us by leaving us with fond memories. So here we shall collect some of those fond memories to help in our recollection of the wonderful time that we had.

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  • Amtgard
  • Dies Irae, Dies Eire
  • Dead Inside


    Live Action

    "I'm ready for challengers."

    "Dodge, left."

    "Now a cool pose."

    Swirl Attack of Doom!!

    Woosh Woosh
    (Swirl Attack of Doom!!)

    Woosh Woosh
    (Swirl Attack of Doom!! - continued)

    "Check out my cool pose"

    "You cannot do 'Swirl Attack of Doom!' now that I took out one of your weapons!"

    "Defend yourself against MY 'Swirl Attack of Doom!'"

    "So you three think you can take me!?"

    "I shall take you all down!"


    "Did you actually get a hit on me???"

    "Yeah, That's right I got you!"

    "My turn to try and get a hit in"

    "With this beard and shield I'm protected from chin to navel!"

    "Just me and my Flame Shield"

    "ARGGH!! You got me!"

    Dies Irae, Dies Eire

    A Call of Cthulhu game

    Dead Inside

    A Dead Inside game


    A D20 Modern Zombie game

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