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Memories of
Wittenberg Role-Playing Guild's WittCon V:
Alea Iacta Est!

All Photos on this page are courtesy Andy Klosky - A Role-Playing Guild Primogen

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WEGS event at Krystal Keep on the Friday before WittCon V: Alea Iacta Est

Larry Wick of Gamewick Games was given the oppurtunity to show off his WEGS game system at Krystal Keep the night before WittCon V: Alea Iacta Est.
Larry Arrives at Krystal Keep Toss 2d10 and 2d6 to start
Spante Up! Thumbs up from the Trickster!
Already exasperated by the players Ready to throw down some dice
So, just How screwed am I The Wegshogz deep in debate
Far too pleased to have Lionel be flashing them Where's My Mighty Whack
The Copper Pot puts off a devilish gleam Shane observes the carnage below
Surrounding the enemy Another one bites the dust!
March of the fire ants They're ALL 88's!
The ants close in, and Gorlon the Lethal goes into Ethereality Time for the Blitz!
Hands of Ice put out the fire ants The whole, WEGS-lovin' crew
Anything but Spoint Frogs! Mark, Chris, and Chris weigh their options
Boy, these players are screwed Are you on your phew points yet
In which Fred realizes that he has no more Spoints to burn Moving the Master Minions
The Copper Cup is sated...for now Prepping the next encounters

General pictures from WittCon V: Alea Iacta Est.

Steve the Badger! The Big Board
Rachel, Emily, Mark and Karl

Bob from the The Light Trading Company was kind enough to stop by our Con to sell some wares.

Thanks to Shane Magill from Reaper Miniatures for running a popular 'Paint and Take.'

Paint while you can, maties! Now, try a Burnt Sienna dry-brush here
Paint and Take fills the seats Painting minis

WEGS: Dungeons or Dragons (Players Choice)

Welcome to WEGS, the Wickedly Errant Game System! Sword-n-sorcery with a Vegas-laced twist! What's it gonna be, folks? The session begins with the wickedly quick WEGS character creation where players create their hero (Warrior, Ranger, Trickster, Mage or Sage). Next the players decide the adventure: fight dragons, explore dungeons, assault giants, taunt some goblin slavers or encounter a minotaur or two? Have at it, folks! We're ready for your adventure! The perfect intro to WEGS!
The first round with the Copper Pot Clan So, is it Dungeons or is it Dragons
The Wegshogz set-up Larry and Will set up the next batch of minions
Man, we are really boned The Emperor worships the Copper Pot

Dungeon Slam! by Andy Klosky - A Role-Playing Guild Primogen

"Dungeon Slam!" is a brand-new board game for 3-8 cut-throat players, created by Guild alumni Andy Klosky. Take your intrepid adventurer through The Mad Mage's tower, in the hopes to reach the dreaded Skull Sanctum and the powerful treasures within. But, beware your fellow adventurers! They want those artifacts as well, and only one can make it back to TownTon to retire in style!
Backstab your way to gold, glory, and greatness!

Karl, in front of the Dungeon Slam ads Dungeon Slam Draft 2 Setup
Brandon, Karl, Cara, and Paul, at the Dungeon Slam table The PvP chaos begins in Dungeon Slam
Will and Josh relaxe between sessions at the Dungeon Slam

Ninja Nutiness

Your class of ninjas has received word of a near suicidal mission to assassinate a powerful lord. The lord of the clan has decided to send in a group of misfits hoping that their tactics might just pull it off. Starting level is 10, and characters will be provided for those that are new or don't know much about D&D
Ebbs, working on his Ninja Nuttiness Castle The portions of the castle
The assembed Ninja Nuttiness castle Ebbs in full Emperor garb
The Nuttiness begins! To the Top!!!

M.O.E.: The Boardgame by Eric Ebbs.

M.O.E. (Military Oblation of Entropy) is a military tactical board game designed for all. Each player controls a military force with the goal of eliminating all opponents. Though the use of soldiers, casters, defenders, scientists, and peasant, each force vies for control of the map. The only problem is that entropy can occur at anytime, offsetting the balance of power. This game is for beginning and advanced players alike. 2-4 players required and play times vary from 15 minutes to several hours.

Moe is on the loose! Entropy reigns in Moe
Moe's Army is on the march! Kevin's ready to tear Moe a new one

Sharn's Eleven (An Eberron game)

The Sharn branch of the infamous House Cannith has come under siege! After being assulted by mysterious creatures, the Sharn City Watch has placed the whole tower under quarantine. But,under pressure from the dragonmarked houses, the Lord Mayor of Sharn has assembled a crack team to find out what exactly happened in the Cannith labs. However, not everyone is what they seem to be...and who knows what weird experiments lurk within the Cannith vaults?!
House Cannith may never be the same Seeking the Cannith Mechsuit
Remind me again of how many clockwork horrors there are Totally oblivious of what's coming next

Venus Needs Men!

Venus Needs Men is a fun boardgame that we discovered at Origins 2007.

Venus Needs Men, even Lionel!


Zombies!! 'nuff said
Brains..... A gaggle of zombies, ready to bite the dust
More zombies fall Patriarch Lionel directs the zombie-hunters

Pictures of the costume contest from WittCon V: Alea Iacta Est.

Rachel, in full costume Kit, dressed as a pirate wench
Costume Contest Participants Lauryn and Kit await the verdict
The Costume Contest winners

WEGS: From Dusk 'Til Dead

Say 'ello to my little boomstick! A rag-tag assortment of Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Gnobbits and Humnz find themselves in an isolated cabin in the middle of a shunned forest... A few moments ago, the party's Mage was standing in the middle of the room reading aloud from a wacky tome she discovered in the fireplace. Now, she's just a bubbling mess of blood and bones on the floor. The sound of undead horror fills the air outside the cabin, and from below a horrid thumping noise knocks on the cellar door. Keep your boomsticks and chainswords handy - things are gonna get real messy. A bloody little intro to WEGS, the brand-new, old-skool sword-n-sorcery adventure game with a Vegas-laced twist! Phew!
Surrounding the Copper Pot once again Chainswords and Boomsticks
Taking on the Undead Level 9's...they can take it!
Trickster Nordling is about to get his Skorp on! Nick rightfully fears the Column-Golem
No, Column-Golem! Not after Nordling! Cthulhu rises from the Copper Pot!
Victory! (Taken immediately after Cthulhu got sent into Lost Action Phase, saving Nick's Mage) Hiding from the Chainsword-maddened comrade

Dungeons and Dragons: Team versus Team

Tired of crawling through dungeons and fighting those simple Stat Blocks known as Monsters? How about constantly having to deal with those pesky plot-hooks know as NPCs? Well now you can do more than that, by playing Dungeons and Dragons against other PCs! Yup! Thats PCs as in Player Characters! In this event you and your fellow adventurers will go up against another team of adventurers. For fun and excitement with opponents who are not simply stat blocks or plot-hooks, but real adventurers in their own
'Strategerizing' Karl plans his move, to the dismay of the other team
At the heart of the field of battle

WEGS event at Krystal Keep on the Sunday after WittCon V: Alea Iacta Est

Larry Wick of Gamewick Games was given the oppurtunity, again, to show off his WEGS game system at Krystal Keep the day after WittCon V: Alea Iacta Est.
Larry sets the table That's right, Ginger, fight the rat. Ignore the little Sage with 30 hp!
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