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WittCon VII: Attendance update

We looked over our sign-in sheets and found out that we actually had 90 attendees! This makes it the second most attended WittCon ever! Keep your eyes peeled for WittCon VIII coming in March 2011, and lets see if we can make it bigger!

WittCon VII has come to pass, and with 83 attendees it has been one of our most successful WittCons ever! We would like to thank all of those who attended to make this such a wonderful and fun experience, as well as Larry Wick of Gamewick Games, Bob Kindel of Light Trading Company, Bryan Borgman of Bailey Records, the Gamemasters from the Fellowship of the Whitestar, the fine people at Bookery Fantasy Games, and Shane Magill of Reaper Minis, as well as the numerous volunteers.

Watch this space soon for "Memories of WittCon VII" a collection of photos from the convention. If you have any questions or comments or photos or stories you would like to share about WittCon, please feel free to send them along to rpguild (dash) con (atsymbol) wittenberg (dot) edu.

Hope to see everyone next year for WittCon VII in March 2011!!!
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