Game Screen

Role-Playing Guild

Getting The Registration Desksetup

Bat Heather Preps Her D&D Game

Happy Gamers in the Open Gaming Room

Lionel and Emily at the Registration desk

Kyle and Lionel are Excited

Gamers at Orcs Gone Wild look over char-sheets

Ogruns in full-swing

Bas hit with a stick

Will leads the group through his Doctor Who adventure

Where'd we park the Tardis again?

Ninja infiltrators in action

The Shogun ina ll his glory

The Diceman set-up in the atrium.JPG

Stratos Musical Wares

Happy White Star gamers

Toss in dice and roll in crits

Waiting on players

Heather assumes her GM mantle

Careful planning and movement

Working the details at the Paint-and-Take

Shane lays out the paints

Laying down tricks in the Magic Tourney

Kurt working hard and hardly working

Lionel makes his purchases from Diceman Bob

Happy newly weds at WittCon

More adventures in the White Star universe

The open gaming hall fill sup

Badass poses from the contest winners

Hard at work coloring in the details

Pondering the next move

Karen, Karl, and Pam get setup

Leslie and Edith at the reg-desk

Planning their heroic mission in Near-Orbit Mass-DriverBlues

Waiting for dinner!

A full hall for the costume contest

Kat and Jules talking over pizza

Rapt attention as the winners are announced

Costume Contest Winners -- Heather, Ebbs, and Jules

Pulp adventuring Savage Worlds

How many raises

A happy day for Houses of the Blooded

Ia Ia!

The stack of pizza boxes after WittConVII

El Willy and friends play testing Big Bang Mudang

Ebb's gorgeous Ninja Nuttines scastle
The Shogun and Steve contemplate fate

Will -- The next Doctor

Lionel adds to his costume

Jules as Huntress


Surveying his castle the Shogun contemplates his next move

Nick abducts Steve the Badger

It's a badger!

Will waiting for the Tardis to arrive
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