Game Screen

Role-Playing Guild

The Ninja Nutiness Castle Interior

Look at that spacious interior

Is that Lionel or a Lion?

Is that a Lion or Lionel?

A Lion with a Lion Dice Bag!

Lauren uses her artistic skills to paint people's faces

Karen works the Board Game room desk

Bat Heather running Dungeons and Dragons

Jen poses with Bat Heather, I mean who wouldn't want a picture with Bat Heater!

It's Red November, what can go wrong?

Paint! PAINT! My Minions!!!!

Kurt is backup for the Huntress at the Reg Desk

Emily and the Shogun taking a food break

You want games?? I think we have a few.

The board lets you know who we are

A Top Secret view from behind the GM Screen. Shh!! don't tell the players what you see.

The Shogun lords over his castle

The Ninjas listen on, as Steve the Badger poses with the castle

The Doctor is not just a Time Lord, but a GM as well

El Willy's and players enjoy WEGS!

The power of WEGS is too much!

A group of players, a fellowship you could say.

Andy leads a group of Adventurers on a perilous journey

Ogruns laughing?

The Doctor tries to map out Time and Space for the players

The Magic the Gathering Tournament

Kyle traing to hold his own in Magic

Vincent and Kat play Magic along with quite a few others

Pam ready to run Clay-O-Rama table

The Boardgame room is a fun filled place

Who is going to win!?

Who is going to have Dominion over the others?

The ever popular Settlers of Catan

This ain't your kid's game

Leslie working the Registration Desk

Lauren, and her Bat Cheek?

Edith and Leslie working the Registration desk

Who let the Lion count the money?

Doorway to fun


Its not all work at the Registration Desk

A fun filled time

Why is the GM laughing? Is that a good sign?

Diceman Bob's table of fun stuff

A group of players, you could almost call it a clique

A lot of clicking going on.

The Shogun working with the Ninjas?

The Ninjas wait for their chance to strike

The Ninjas make their move

El Willy is all thumbs

El Willy takes some players through WEGS

Psst. You want some cool music. Do ya? Well I know a guy, this guy in particular!

The Fellowship of the White Star has sprung into adventure

The Fellowship of the White Star has sprung into adventure

Has the Shogun been 'unmasked'?

The Kevin Jones. 'nuff said.

OMG A LION wearing a Lion hat!

The Fellowship of the White Star.. uh... Fellowshipping? (I can say that right?)

Is that a White Star above the Fellowship. Nope a compass rose in black.

El Willy asking for some advice from the Shogun

Taking time to pose as gamers

What lessons are going to be learned tonight?

Gamers are a hungry bunch

Kat tries to keep the players to together

Jules railroads her players

Jules keeps the players on track

If a train leaves Yuma at 85 mph...

Where wolf? There a wolf...

Even in the wee hours there is still time to paint

In the cirlce anyone could be a werewolf

I think one these gamers is the werewolf, but which one?
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