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WittCon XVII:

March 28th, 2020

Table of Contents

General Information

  • The date for the convention is Saturday in March 28th, 2020 in the Shouvlin Center on Wittenberg University Campus
    [737 North Fountain Avenue, Springfield Ohio, 45501]
  • Directions to Campus     PDF map of campus, Shouvlin is on the center-right of the map
  • The fee is $7 for Role-Playing events and pizza 'n pop dinner. Sorry, lunch is not included, but there is "Post 95" in the adjoining Student Center.
  • For 12 and under it is $3, and 3 and under is free.
  • *NOTE there maybe an additional charge for some events, we will do our best to post that information with those events when listed.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail us at RPGuild <at> wittenberg <dot> edu
  • Be aware that pictures will be taken at the convention and may be posted online and used in University publications.
  • This is an alcohol free event, which means there will be no alcohol allowed on the premises.

Information for GMs wishing to run a game

We would like to have a final schedule of games and events set in stone by the beginning of February. So if you are interested please let us know.

GMs interested in running a game: Please e-mail the following information to rpguild <at> wittenberg..<dot> edu
  1. Your first name and last initial
  2. The game system you are running (and edition if there's more than one version)
  3. A title for the game
  4. The number of players you are willing to have in your game
  5. An age limit for your game, since we may have some younger players attending. Please use the G, PG, PG13, R type age ranges to make it easier for all
  6. A brief paragraph description explaining the game
  7. If you have a room preference or if you will require special equipment (e.g. projector, whiteboard)
  8. The session and day you would prefer to run the game. If it will take more or less time than one session, let us know that too.
  9. So we have changed the schedule up a bit, we now have several 2 hour gaming sessions mixed in with the 4 hour gaming sessions. Please feel free to take a look at the layout. Note some of the scheduled spots are already taken, but we still have more.
    Click here to jump to the schedule
    (You can click on the above to see a larger version of the schedule).
  10. If you run a single 4 hour event you get free entry into the WittCon
  11. If you run two 2 hour events you get free entry into WittCon
Helpful tips:
  • If you plan on GMing a game be sure to have pre-generated characters on hand for the players, so you don't take up that time generating the characters during your session. If there are special requirements for your game please let us know as well, and we'll post that along with the game summary.
  • Be aware that we can have more games than there are sessions, since we have the ability to set up tables in 105. So don't fret too much if you do see that the session you wanted is already taken.

Costume Contest

We will be hosting a costume contest throughout the convention with prizes for the best costumes. When you register, please let us know that you wish to participate in the contest. Convention participants will vote on the best costumes during dinner.

Costume Contest Rules
  1. Due to University regulations, NO weapons are allowed on the premises!
    Prop weapons must be clearly prop and non-functional.
  2. Because we may have children present at the convention, all costumes must be in good taste and sufficiently modest.
  3. We reserve the right to ask individuals to leave WittCon, or change their attire, if their costumes violate these rules, or is considered in appropriate for our convention.
  4. All Costume entries for the Costume contest must be entered by 2:30pm at the latest.
  5. We take pictures of the Costume Contest entries for display on the various displays around the convention so all people can see them. The pictures are also posted on our web-page as well, usually sometime after the covention.
  6. We ask that you wear your costume for at least the first session and through the second session into the Pizza Dinner. After that if it is comfortable for you to wear it please feel free to do so for the third session as well.
  7. Voting on the Costume Contest is done by the attendees of WittCon at the beginning of the Pizza Dinner. In fact they have to vote in order to get some pizza. After the votes are tallied, we will announce the winners during the Pizza Dinner.
CosPlay is not consent
The Wittenberg University Role-Playing Guild is governed by it's own Code of Conduct which aligns with the University's Harassment policies as outlined in the following document:
We do not tolerate harassment of members or attendees of the convention. If you feel that you have been harassed or have seen harassment please let a Guild Member or Guild Exec know immediately and we will try to handle it accordingly.

WittCon XVII T-Shirts
WittCon XVII T-Shirt Design
Cost per shirt:
  • Small (S) to Extra Large (XL) @ TBD
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL) @ TBD
  • Extra Extra Extra Large (XXXL) @ TBD
Sorry no Extra Small (XS) sizes.
(Note the final look maybe slightly different based on how they print them on the shirt)

Feel free to print and distribute these posters.

Artists & Vendors

Artists & Vendors for WittCon

Artist / Vendor Description Contact info

Home Produced treats, wonderful cupcakes. delicious tarts, and tasty brownies
Visit Marvalous Desserts at Table 1H & 1I


Sponsors for WittCon
Sponsor Description Contact info

Maps of the Shouvlin center
NOTE: Registration desk is in front of the elevators on the 1st floor


Time v
Shouvlin 105 Shouvlin 201 Shouvlin 203 Shouvlin 205 Shouvlin 207 Student Center Li Room Student Center Alumni Room
10:00am UnPub Protozone Board Game Room
2:30pm UnPub Protozone Board Game Room
6:30pm Dinner, Costume Contest, and Raffle

Midnight The End :-(

List of Events with "NERFed Weapons"

Some of our events may be live-action role-playing games and may feature combat.

Any players using nerfed weapons for LARPing are subject to these rules:
  1. They stay with in THE LARP ROOM and are not brandished outside that room or displayed outside that room
  2. They are not to be displayed or brandished outside the building either
  3. The windows in THE LARP ROOM will have to be shuttered closed
  4. There will only be one enterance into THE LARP ROOM.
    (They will not be blocked for obvious fire code reasons, but they will be 'signed' as off limits)
  5. Someone needs to be in charge of watching the weapons as they stay in THE LARP ROOM so that they are not taken outside of the room or walked off with
  6. The weapons follow the guidelines as specified in the following document:
  7. You will need to have a signed copy of the following waiver before you can participate in the 'combat' portions:
  • © 2010 Wittenberg University
  • Post Office Box 720
  • Springfield, Ohio 45501
  • Ph: 800-677-7558
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