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Fall LARP 2012

A Game of Crysanthemum Thrones

Saturday, December 8th

This year's Fall Semester LARP theme is a crossover between A Game of Thrones and Legend of the Five Rings. At the 1012 Winter Court the stalwart Crab, elegant Crane, mystical Dragon, proud Lion, magical Phoenix, treacherous Scorpion and pure-hearted Unicorn will spar in the contests of art, wisdom, and strategy to determine the Amethyst Champion. Old rivalries will assert themselves, friends will become enemies, and unlikely alliances will balance on a katana's edge.

Will you be a player or a pawn in the beautiful-yet-deadly courtly game?

Dinner will be potluck-style and will net you bonus points to use in game. Costumes are recommended but not required, again for bonus points. Bring a deck of cards in lieu of dice if you can.

Table of Contents

Introduction: An Invitation to the Winter Court

Greetings, honored visitor, to an isolated corner of the Empire not often seen, but wondrous to behold.

On the cusp of the year of the that may come to mark a renewed spiritual vigor in the Emerald Empire, it is my honor as the Emperor Hantei the Thirty Fifth's Official Voice to invite you to the grand celebrations which are to be held throughout the cold winter months. Time passes so quickly in our realm, and the seasons seem to blend into one another amid the flurry of changes and events. Let us spend time in the company of others, enjoying the rare privilege of distinguished hospitality on behalf of our enigmatic hosts, that we may share in the culture and history of each year, as we celebrate beneath the loving wisdom of the Sun Mother, and the noble lineage of her beloved Youngest Son.

The Emperor has spent many months traveling through his lands, meeting the daimyos and esteemed Champions of each of his loyal houses, and has decided, in his great wisdom and magnificence, to winter within the profound walls of Shiro Yogo, the Castle of Learning. Seated in the foothills of the Seikitsu sano Yama no Oi, the ancestral home of the Yogo has opened its gates to the Court of the Shining Prince, and to you.

The Floating Court of the Heavens and the excitement of the Winter's Tournament await you. His Excellence anticipates your arrival personally and I, his Master of Ceremonies, have prepared the castle for your stay.

Let the games of winter begin!

Step 1: Claim a Character

Email Katrina if you want to join in but missed the character creation deadline!

Step 2: Schedule of Events

6:00-6:30 Arrival & Clan meetings
To allow for people coming late, the first half hour will allow people to read over their character sheets, meet their clanmates, go over the rules, ask the GM questions, set up their potluck contribution. Players bringing props, costumes, or potluck will be awarded a Free Raise for each.

6:30-7:00 Potluck Dinner
Food! The metagames will begin, but mostly it will be eating and socializing and beginning plotting.

7:00 Introductions & Gift-giving
You Clan will be introduced to the Emperor and you will have the chance to present to him a "gift" of your choosing, decided upon during the clan meetings. The Emperor will bestow his Favor to the Clan that gives him the best present, giving them all a Free Raise.

7:30 Courtier's Contest
The Courtiers will regail us with a haiku of their choosing or writing. A jury panel will be selected by lots. Winning Clan earns points towards the metagame.

8:15 Shugenja's Contest
The Shugenja will awe us with their wisdom, answering a riddle asked by the Emperor himself. A jury panel will be selected by lots. Winning Clan earns points towards the metagame.

9:00 Bushi's Contest
The Bushi will impress us with their military tactics. They will advance their armies on the battlefield and the winning Clan earns points towards the metagame.

9:45 Test of the Amethyst Champion
Each Clan Champion will attempt to win the Amethyst Crown by telling the Emperor how they would best bestow its blessings among the Empire.
  • Crab v. Unicorn
  • Winner v. Scorpion
  • Winner v. Phoenix
  • Winner v. Crane
  • Winner v. Lion
  • Winner = Winter Court Champion
10:30 Closing Ceremonies
Wrap up, metagame winners announced, clean up and head home.

Step 3: Cast of Characters

Family Name Given Name, School (Player)
Imperial Family
Imperial Mon
Miya Katsura Imperial Herald & Mistress of Ceremonies (Katrina O.)

The Emperor Hantei XXXV (NPC)

Crab Clan
Crab Mon
The Defenders

Hida Raiden, Ronin Warrior (Robert L.)

Hiruma Joruri, Hiruma Scout (Jackie)

Yasuki Shishizu, Kitsuki Investigator (Lionel W.)
Crane Clan
Crane Mon
The Artisans

Doji Wataru, Doji Courtier (Vincent P.)

Kakita Pei'zhi, Kakita Artisan (Pamela D.)

Asahina Jiroku, Kakita Duelist (Jeff K.)
Dragon Clan
Dragon Mon
The Mystics

Mirumoto Ayaka, Tamori Shugenja (Amber S.)

Benraku, Togashi Tattoed Monk (Brandon N.)

Agasha Kurama, Agasha Shugenja (Chris McD.)
Lion Clan
Lion Mon
The Warriors

Matsu Lin, Otomo Courtier (Lauren C.)

Ikoma Eichi, Ikoma Bard (E. Ebbs)

Jaken, Temple of Osano-Wo Monk (Jake H.)
Phoenix Clan
Phoenix Mon
The Scholars

Isawa Amoro, Isawa Void Shugenja (Andy K.)

Asako Juneko, Asako Loremaster (Jules M.)

Shiba Chimoto, Shiba Yojimbo (Tim S.)
Scorpion Clan
Scorpion Mon
The Underhand

Yogo Arashii, Bayushi Courtier (Abby M.)

Soshi Domotai, Yogo Wardmaster (Dee D.)

Bayushi Daisetsu, Soshuro Actor (Dan T.)
Unicorn Clan
Unicorn Mon
The Explorers

Ide Batu, Shinjo Bushi (Boots S.)

Shinjo Sozen , Ide Emissary (Sean R.)

Utaku Kiriko, Utaku Battle Maiden (Kelsey G.)

Step 4: Rules

We'll be using the Oriental Adventures Live Action Role-playing Rules for opposed and unopposed rules. The concept is very simple, and will be familiar if you've played D&D Next. Instead of rolling a d20 you pull from a standard deck of playing cards, with Aces counting as 1 and Jacks, Queens, and Kings counting as 11, 12, 13 respectively.
Opposed "Rolls"
Each player will draw a card from their deck and add it to the rank in the appropriate Trait, their rank in a relevant Skill and +2 for Emphases if they have any. (Card draw + Trait + Skill + Emphasis = Total) Ties are broken by another draw. Ace=1, Jack=11, Queen=12, King=13 Shuffle all cards back into deck after tests.
Unopposed "Rolls"
Same as above but against a Target Number (TN) of the GM's choosing. These would be for interacting with the environment or "remembering" facts/customs at the GM's discretion. E.g. 5 = Easy, 10 = Normal, 15 = Difficult, 20 = Hard
Immediately draw a second card & double its value.
You can announce you're attempting a raise by subtracting 2 from your result. Each succesive raise adds a bonus of degree, such as inflicting extra wounds or suceeding markedly better than your opponent. Note: You cannot call raises on an unskilled test! Max # Raises possible = Character's Void Ring

Free Raises
At the GM's discretion you may have an "advantage" in a given situation, earning you a free raise, or +2 to your result. Additionally, potlucking, costumes, and good role-playing will also earn you "free raise" tokens to spend when you need them most!
Unskilled Tests
No called Raises possible. Jokers do not double value.
Void ring breaks tie, then Insight, otherwise re-Test.
Spend Void Points once/Test to: draw 2 cards, keep one; activate certain Techniques. Meditate 5min to recover 1.


Card Draw + Reflexes. Identical #s act simultaneously.
One Action/round, e.g. Move, draw weapon, attack, cast.
Compare Attacker's total (Agility + Combat Skill) vs. Defender's (Reflexes + Defense) for "to Hit" Tests.

Full Attack
Pull two cards & take higher for Attack, Defense = 0.

Full Defense
Pull two cards & take higher for Defense, no Attacks.

+2 Wounds/Raise; "called shots" (+0 dmg); maneuvers.
Card draw + DR + Str (No Raises, Void Pts, etc.)
Iaijutsu Duels
Awareness + Iaijutsu (IJ) vs. 5* = Info (+Raises)
Choose foe's Dueling Attribute (DA) based on Info
Awareness + Iaijutsu = Winner choses Focus or Strike
Strike = DA + IJ + card - 2xFocus; Focus = FR (xMass Combat 4 Attackers/Character in melee & -2 Ranged/person.
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