2004– 2005 Senate Meeting Minutes


Wittenberg University

Student Senate
Tuesday, September 7 , 2004
7:00 p.m.

Members Present: Will Chinn, Beth Hurst, Erika Franz, Jared Collins, Ben Burkam, Ann Bixel, Elise Renz, Alyssa Bray, Jennifer Brubaker, Katie Seay, Bruce Robinson, Whitney Morrison, Karen Obee, Ben Siemer, Kristyn Russell, Yusef Abdul-Zahir, Petal Morias

Senate Advisor: Dean Perkins

Call To Order: Meeting was called to order at 7:09 p.m.

I. Call to Order/Roll Call/Minutes Approved

II. Special Order-
A. None

III. Officer Reports-
A. Alyssa (Soph. Class)- sophomore class is making t-shirts
B. Ben S. (RHA)- RHA had one person apply for position, so now they have a new fundraising chair, should be good
C. Petal (AIA)- don’t remember, but she did have something important to say I’m pretty sure- general body meeting on Thurs. the 16th @ 7pm; Crossroads on Oct. 23rd
D. Katie (Greek)- Sigs –March of Dimes raffle Sept. 16th, $1 tickets or 7 for $5 on sale in Student Center; ADPi’s 5k walk on Oct.9th and car wash on Sept. 11th from 9-1 @ house; DG’s Anchor Bash Sept. 18th on Stoughton Lawn; Sigma Kappa’s Oct. 5th Sadie Hawkins dance for entire campus and Oct. 2nd Memory Walk; Greek Luau on Sept. 15th on Stoughton Lawn
E. Kristyn (SAC)- starting athlete newsletter, generating athlete list serve, first meeting after NCAA speaker had good attendance, had elections
IV. Committee Reports-
A. Jared (Finance)- budget passed out, take a look; treasurer’s workshops this week, remind organizations
B. Beth (BABW)- getting started, we have money!!
C. Erika (Elections)- lots of candidates, get excited

V. Open Forum-
A. Elise- complaints about Springfield residents that harass Witt students, especially bad up near Bill Edwards and Fountain, ADPi’s are constantly harassed, what can we do? Talk to security, Carl Looney will send extra patrol, etc, just inform him; Elise is making list of complaints

VI. Old Business-
A. Parent’s Weekend 2003, Oct. 8-10 (Ben)- looking into foam “Red Swarm” to hand out, things are going forward
B. Second viewing of Constitution, Legislative Powers B1 and B2- pushed back to next week
C. Formation of all Senate committees- done during meeting, if you still need committee members, contact Beth, she has the list of interested students from the activities fair
D. Treasurer’s Workshops: Sept. 8th (3:30-5), 9th (7-8:30), 13th (7-8:30)- remind your organizations
E. Cecil & Lime Café/Witt Discounts (Katie)- done, getting a Witt discount, going to compile list of all restaurants that give Witt Discount
F. 9/11 Project- done, looks awesome, on front page of Springfield newspaper this Saturday, awesome job, kudos to all who helped, esp. Beth
G. Frisbee Golf Hole (Ben S.)- already plotted out where they are going to move it, just a matter of time, should be done soon

VII. New Business-
A. IN HOUSE – see attached sheet

VIII. Big W Award/Organization of the Week
A. Faculty: winner was President Stienbrink (also nominated were Ray Wise and Ann from the Commons)
B. Students: Head OA’s (Mike Budney, Erica Calloway, Sarah Myers, Clay Crates)
C. Torch- this will go in Torch, Beth submits them, first Torch coming out next Thursday, final submissions by Sunday at Noon

VIII. Senator of the Week- Erika Franz

IX. Words for Witt

X. Adjournment- 9:05pm

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