2004– 2005 Senate Meeting Minutes


Wittenberg University

Student Senate
Tuesday, September 21, 2004
7:00 p.m.

Members Present: Will Chinn, Beth Hurst, Erika Franz, Jared Collins, Ben Burkam, Ann Bixel, Elise Renz, Jennifer Brubaker, Katie Seay, Bruce Robinson, Whitney Morrison, Karen Obee, Ben Siemer, Yusef Abdul-Zahir, Mark Preston

Senate Advisor: Dean Perkins

Call To Order: Meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.

I. Call to Order/Roll Call/Minutes Approved

II. Special Order-
A. Swearing in of Mark Preston, Class of 2008 President
B. Jewish Culture Club (Rebekah Weiner)- vote to dissolve existing Jewish Student Movement- approved, vote to approve new Jewish Culture Club- approved, pending a number of constitutional changes
C. Model UN- did not come

III. Officer Reports-
A. Ann- selling ornaments @ Sr. wine and cheese on Oct. 9th, sign-ups for etiquette dinner @ wine and cheese
B. Whitney- Carl Poole is new member of committee; meeting tomorrow at 4:10pm
C. Elise- investigating fundraising ideas; King’s Island trip in Oct. (Fear Fest)
D. Jen- mom has ordered window stickers too, getting things together to sell “support our troops” stickers
E. Karen- working on Student Senate kiosk; let her know if we need any help advertising so she can have a mtg. with her committee
F. Mark- 1st officers mtg tonight @ 9pm; looking to make a cabinet
G. Carolyn- Board of Directors meeting this past weekend; New Residence Hall updated plans will be up for approval this fall, CDR changes put off but Commons changes scheduled for Nov.- Jan.; the idea of distinguished alumnae to talk at graduation was well received
H. Will- printer out of ink- but will have lots of ink soon; check your senate boxes; office supply shopping, anything you need?
I. Ben- next faculty meeting on Oct. 5th; Beth changed out of Student/Faculty committee, will give Ben a new name

IV. Committee Reports-
A. Finance (Jared)- changed mtg. time to next Thurs. @ 8pm; would like to approve $8,000 for BABW, voted, approved

V. Open Forum-
A. Organizing Senate Office (Karen)- can we just pick a day to all be there? Oct. 2 @ Noon- Elise, paint column, write names of all Senators
B. Senate Visibility (Beth)- make it a goal to be seen, get involved (ex. ADPi 5k walk, WittSeries, etc.)
C. CROP Walk (Will)- Pastor Tune wanted to know if we are interested? Yes; it’s Oct. 3rd @ 1:30pm, will get more information
D. Whitney- how can organizations like Mortar Board and Psychology Honorary get funding? Beth will get you proposal forms

VI. Old Business-
A. Sexuality Week- Bruce in charge; email from Project Women, interested in coming; Sexology Week; getting names of interested people/groups together
B. Halloween- Petal & Karen in charge; Matt Argalas from community service office wants to help
C. Post Senate committees ASAP
D. Senate Picnic- two meetings from now, Oct. 5th @7pm 625 Woodlawn (Burkam’s house)- don’t forget to bring your assigned contributions!!
E. Got Beef Day Oct. 5 from 11-1 in the CDR

VII. New Business-
A. Ben- website- any ideas what to put on it? Important dates list, announcements, description of office/senator (email Ben with this as a Word attachment by Thursday morning)

VIII. Senator of the Week/Big W Awards/Organization of the Week
Last week: Jared, Ray Wise/IFC & Panhel Recruitment Chairs,WCA
This week: Ben S., Sue Apple/Emma Patton, Delta Gamma

IX. Words for Witt

X. Adjournment- 8:25pm


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